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    Bunny won’t eat after spay

    Both my rabbits got fixed today and my female isn’t eating or drinking. My male already seems back to normal. I’ve read a few things about females having a harder time after the surgery but when should I start to really worry? She seems uncomfortable and in pain. I’ve seen her pee a few times...
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    Head tilting! Help please

    I noticed that my young bunny ( 4-5 weeks old) has been eating strangely. While eating pellets (only pellets, doesn’t seem to be happening while eating hay) she tilts her head up and to the right while chewing. Is this normal in baby bunnies or does she have tooth problem already or neurological...
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    Baby bunnies, need advice?

    I just got two baby bunnies and I thought they were older when I bought them but they are actually a little over 4 weeks old. I know this is too young but the guy I bought them from told me they were eating pellets and didn’t need milk anymore and I trusted him. Will they be okay on pellets and...