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  1. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Breed ID

    I just had a conversation on Facebook about what breed this rabbit is. I said it was a pure Netherland Dwarf rabbit. The owner was like well my vet said it was an English spot and Netherland Dwarf mix. And that what confirmed it was “the line going down his back”. I said any rabbit that has a...
  2. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Fully litterbox trained rabbit keeps turning over and dumping litterbox

    My rabbits now live at my grandmother's house (I'm not going to get into why on here). Gus here in the past 2 weeks keeps turning over and dumping her litterbox, she still uses it but every afternoon when my grandmother checks on them she has it turned over and she has to keep refilling it. She...
  3. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Mini rex buck needs new home near Western Kentucky

    I have a mini rex buck named Hunter that needs a new home. He would make a good 4-H show rabbit, Breeding buck or even just a pet. He isn't too keen on being handled but tolerates it for grooming. I am in Western Kentucky area and have access to Southern Indiana. He needs a home where he will be...
  4. Augustus&HazelGrace

    RO convention

    What if we did a national Rabbits Online Convention. Where we all meet each other and we have name tags that had our screen names on them. I think this would be really cool. How many people would come to something like this?
  5. Augustus&HazelGrace

    I have found our solution to finding out our picky hay eaters favorite

    https://www.thehayexperts.co.uk/taster-selection-pack.html Sample bags!
  6. Augustus&HazelGrace

    What "mini" breeds are actually dwarf breeds?

    Are Mini lops and Mini rex considered dwarf? I am working on my breeds and colors powerpoint for my 4-H rabbit class next week and I'm only doing the most common breeds. Also, what breeds would you all say are the most common, not just dwarf, I am doing all common breeds.
  7. Augustus&HazelGrace

    How to get a rabbit to eat more hay

    My approx. 4-year-old spayed rabbit Gus, refuses to eat hay. I have reduced her pellets from 1/4 cup to 1/8 of a cup and she still refuses to eat it, she will just go hungry until pellet time, around 5 pm every day, and she gets fresh hay and water in the morning she also gets cilantro and...
  8. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Mixed clover hay

    Is a clover based hay ok? It is mixed with timothy and meadow hay but they told me it was mostly clover. They feed this to their horses. I don't have a job and my grandparents give me this hay for free.
  9. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Advice for rabbit in dorm room

    Next fall I will be starting college and I will (hopefully) have my rabbit there as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). I have questions on how to keep hay. I don't think I will have enough room for a whole bale but I don't want to buy the small bags as the cost of those adds up quickly. If I...
  10. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Does anyone know anything about nursing baby mice?

    I was cleaning out the tarp of my hutch (where all of the poop has been sitting all winter) Yes, I know this sounds bad but it was too cold for me to take it off and hose it off. And I just got a new tarp to replace it. There was this mouse that was hanging around my rabbits and I was going to...
  11. Augustus&HazelGrace

    My rabbit mom died and she has 4 week old kits

    I have picked up a nursing bottle that has a nipple the size of what rabbits nipples are and I am going to pick up some goat milk today. What do I need to add to the goat milk to keep them thriving. Heavy cream? I don't think they will need the colostrum beings they are 4 weeks old and were with...
  12. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Hazel-Grace went to the bridge yesterday

    I don't know why she died, but she had babies she left behind. Binky free baby girl !
  13. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Are these safe for buns to eat?

    I'm not sure which of these I have in my yard but I will take a closer look tomorrow. Are these a bunny safe food?
  14. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Is there an all round dewormer that would kill most worms

    Also, is there any that are safe for nursing does. I have a nursing doe that her babies are small and I think she may have worms, I just don't know what kind.
  15. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Dropped a lot of weight in a week

    My rabbit Hazel-Grace is one of my breeding does, she has always done great. Her babies are 3 weeks old. Before she was fat, I put her on a diet about two months before I bred her, because of the whole thing where if there is a lot of fat on the uterus, but she was still on the heavier side...
  16. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Wild rabbit kits

    So yesterday afternoon my puppy found a nest of rabbits in our yard. When we shocked her to make her let go (She is a bird dog and we don't want her messing with rabbits, plus we didn't want to have her hurt the babies), she dropped the baby and I think her back is broke, she is dragging her...
  17. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Rabbit falling over

    I just came back in from feeding and I noticed one of my rabbits, the same one that had the abscess on her foot which has completely healed now and fur is growing back and she is walking on it, she had leaned forward on both of her front feet and raised her back feet off of the floor and then...
  18. Augustus&HazelGrace

    Rabbit names

    These are the names of most of my rabbits. If you have other names, I want to hear them, post them here!
  19. Augustus&HazelGrace


    Is a tattoo in the wrong ear or in both ears a disqualification or a fault?
  20. Augustus&HazelGrace

    How old is too old to get spayed?

    I have a bun that I rescued from being abandoned. I have had her for two years. I don't know her actual age but I plan on getting her spayed come summer time. I'm also going to get bloodwork on her to make sure her kidneys/heart/liver are working properly. She is my baby and means the world to...