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  1. Kokkiniklosti

    Bunny-dog relationships

    Hey people! It's been a while since i last got in, but there is something wrong with my internet connection! So, now that i can i have a question! Firt of all i am planning on adopting a dog around Christmas! I know that bonding dogs and bunnies is not impossible, but 1. How to prepare the...
  2. Kokkiniklosti

    Greek Tragedy

    That's the fact! Thousands acres of forest, fields and forage land have been given to ashes! Whole villages were wiped out of the map, millions of small, bigger wild animals and livestock died, thousands of people lost their homes and all their belongings and until now 63 people were found dead...
  3. Kokkiniklosti

    Aftias' video

    Well, i am a new member but i have already introduced myself! So, i made a video with Aftias and i wanted to show it to you! (do not mind the mess please, this is how he likes his stuff to be!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvi8FX31ELo These days i read many topics about neutering and...
  4. Kokkiniklosti

    Where did your bunnies' names come from?

    I would like to know how what is everyone's bunnies names and how did you get them! First of all i am greek! Aftias got his name because he has got long ears (let's say, something like "Dumbo" in english) and Odisseas got his name because of his firing temperament, from Odisseas...
  5. Kokkiniklosti

    You have to see this!

  6. Kokkiniklosti

    Any other commercial name of NIC panels?

    I cannot believe that NIC cubes are so common in other countries but none here in Greece have heard of them! I'd LOVE to build a big NIC cage for my guys but there is no way i can find NIC panels! So, is there any other commercial name for them?
  7. Kokkiniklosti

    Any ideas what breed might have been Oddy's ancestors?

    Well, Oddy (short for Odisseas) came from a pet shop where they had no idea about rabbits! Anyway, he is definately amix but i have no idea what kind of mix he may be! He is about 10 months old and he weighs 1,5 kilos! Here are some pics:
  8. Kokkiniklosti

    How to start bonding

    I know it is very difficult to bond two female rabbits but i would like to give it a go! Odisseas is a 10 month-old neutered male and Aftias is also 10 months old and got neutered the day before yesterday! So, to give you a clue here are some clues about their personality: Odisseas is very...
  9. Kokkiniklosti

    Aftias got neutered!

    We set our appointment at 7 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday! I was worried about Aftias respiratory system because his breathing is very-very quick most of the times and when he is nervous i can hear him having some difficulty with it! Anyway the vet said that he just has a sensitive...