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  1. erinmoveit

    bonded pair in Michigan

    I'm in dire need of needing to rehome my two rabbits by the end of the month. I have a male and female (both fixed) who are tightly bonded so they must go together. They must be indoor rabbits and go to a home that will give them the proper daily care. If you have any questions, get a...
  2. erinmoveit

    X-pen liner

    What do you use for a liner for your x-pen dwellers? I have been using plastic sheeting underneath fleece blankets. This is because they will chew on carpet. I They love to chew holes in the plastic sheeting so that they have an "underground" tunnel. I have plenty of tunnels and places for...
  3. erinmoveit

    help creating information packet

    I am going abroad for one month in June. My mom, who has been great with the rabbits, has graciously offered to take care of my two buns while I am gone. I have already instructed her as food and litter goes. I have left a packet of their previous vet papers and a contact number of someone to...
  4. erinmoveit

    Problems with Sherwood Forest?

    Has anyone else had difficulty ordering from Sherwood Forest? The past week or so, my orders haven't been going through and my emails are bounced back to me as well!
  5. erinmoveit

    Study Abroad in Ghana

    Hi all, I am looking to study abroad this summer in Ghana. This is where slavery began. Along the coast there are many slave castles. Each one owned by a different countries. Thousands of slaves were held in these castles at a time before they were shipped. As a future educator, I believe...
  6. erinmoveit

    Rabbit surrendered to Local Shelter!

    Young Male "mini rex" surrendered to the animal shelter in Kalamazoo, MI (SW MI) http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/25674716 :bigtears:
  7. erinmoveit

    Sugar-free treats?

    Can anyone think of some good treats that are low in sugar or sugar free? My buns always have an edible log that is full of sugar. It's the only thing that will keep them from eating their hutch. I recently moved my buns to a new room that they love, but I have to re-bond with them. So I'm...
  8. erinmoveit

    RE-bonding with me

    So, I recently moved my buns to an area where they would have more space to run. They LOVE it. They binky everywhere. But now they seem to be scared of me. I usually sit in their x-pen outside of their hutch and they would play and run around. Now that they have moved, if I am in the same...
  9. erinmoveit


    I purchasing some items on amazon and came across this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0038XCFL8/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 How do you think this will work on a rabbit?? There are different variations as well, smaller teeth and smaller mits. My buns hate the furminator and they are shedding...
  10. erinmoveit

    Sweet little Lop on Craigslist - Grand Rapids, MI

    http://grandrapids.craigslist.org/grd/3629450650.html I've contacted them about fostering her until a family is found. I don't think she is spayed.
  11. erinmoveit

    Moving the Hutch

    The rabbits have had a spare bedroom to themselves for a while. Someone is moving into our home and will be using that room. I'm going to be re-locating the rabbits to the basement tonight. It is heated and finished. They will actually have MORE space. I'm curious if there is anything I...
  12. erinmoveit

    E-mailed Oxbow

    I know that it is common to sometimes find brown hay in my Timothy hay, especially with the season, but I have been getting some AWFUL hay. Dusty, brown, teeny tiny pieces that just fall out of the hay rack. My rabbits are picking through it and hardly eat any of it. They just pick it out of...
  13. erinmoveit

    Brown Hay in Oxbow Bag

    Typically, i pick up a 9lb bag of Oxbow Timothy hay about once a month. Today when I went to get some, there was a lot of brown in it. I've never seen it like that before. All the bags were the same way. I haven't had buns in the winter, so could this be attributed to the weather? Is it ok...
  14. erinmoveit

    It's time to get over Buck

    It's time to change my avatar. It is of Buck, my first bun. I have yet to meet a bun like him. He was sweet and bonded easily with me and his bondmate Molly (who also passed). I don't feel as if I have given Peanut and Stark all that I could because I am still missing Buck (health, care and...
  15. erinmoveit

    Looking for Alternative Hays

    I've been buying 9lb bags of Oxbow Timothy hay for about $26. I've been shopping for quality hay that would also help me save some money. I would love to use Sierra Valley, but it is out of my price range ($10 more than Oxbow). Sweet Meadow has Timothy hay for about $10 - $12 for 9lb KMS...
  16. erinmoveit

    I'm a Believer! and I have questions

    I got 12 lb of Sherwood Forest pellets today that cost me $25 (shipping included) and it shipped fast (from Utah to Michigan in 3 days). I was paying $11-14 for a 5lb bag of Oxbow at the petstore (and that's with the pet perks - without it was almost $16 at times). THANK YOU for the...
  17. erinmoveit

    Cuts of Hay

    I didn't want to hijack someone elses thread so I am making my own. I didn't realize how much cheaper I could get quality hay than I can buying Oxbow at the petstore (5lbs of Timothy costs $26). Imbrium sent to me Sierra Valley and holy cow are their prices awesome and with shipping??! I am...
  18. erinmoveit

    Papaya Tablets, other supplements

    Peanut is shedding a ton right now. She is young and doesn't sit long to be groomed. I've been seeing a few poos strung together every now and then. I hear that Papaya can help in aiding digestion? Is this something that I should consider? Are there any downsides to thins? Also, there are...
  19. erinmoveit

    Someone in the South Bend, IL area looking for a bondmate!

    OK, I haven't talked to the lady enough to know what she means by "heated hutch/run". I'm guessing they are not housed in the house, but they are also no suceptable to the elements and wildlife. As stated below, she is looking for a female to find with her current bun who recently crossed the...
  20. erinmoveit

    Need Help Winning a Contest!!

    Hello everyone! I am looking for help from my fellow Rabbit enthusiasts... I am in a local contest to have a tattoo covered-up. I have been in the lead for the past two weeks. Last night someone else joined in and blew my score out of the water. We've been within 5 votes of each other...