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  1. Penna


    I haven't been on here for ages... Buuut, I do have a question. Is fleece a safe material for rabbits?
  2. Penna

    Two bits of good news :)

    Belle's NIC cage is finally done. :)She's so happy in it, I can tell, even though she only in her petstore cage at night. I'll have pictures soon. Belle started using her litterbox right of the bat in her new cage last night. :) And as for how Maggie's doing, I was SUPER DUPER excited this...
  3. Penna


    I'mpretty postive that vineger is safe for rabbits but before using it, I just want to ask people's opinions on it. Is it safe for buns?
  4. Penna

    Stretch Maggie Stretch!

    On Wednesday I made Maggie a new cage, using two boxes of the black Organize-It's from Target. I did use both the connecters and the zip ties, andI even bought some dowle rods for extra support, but ended up not using them. The cage is like a rock, and especially fora...
  5. Penna

    What breed is Maggie?

    She weighs around 2.5 pounds, and is full grown. I was worried sick about her weight until the vet assured me that she was okay, just very hyper. It wasn't too difficult to narrow down to a few rabbit breeds, because she's defintally not a giant or a rex. I narrowed it down to an English Spot...
  6. Penna

    Foam Boards?

    I'm in the long process of building a NIC Cage. It's taking me quite some time, locating all the materials and whatnot. But it's worth it. :)I had an account here, but I completely forgot my password and it wasn't sending me a retrieval link so I ended up making a new account. I'm debating...