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  1. BunnyHunny17

    Persistent Troublemaker

    Hi everyone! I had a couple questions about my bunny. She's an absolute love and seeks affection constantly, however she is also the most persistent beastie I have ever encountered. She is allowed to free roam in our living room. We have ONE spot in the living room caged off because we haven't...
  2. BunnyHunny17

    Bored Bunny

    Hi y'all! I have a problem. My 2 year old rabbit Flower is giving us a lot of trouble. We have an enclosure set up inside for her that at night we put a blanket over so she stays in and feels safe. Recently she has decided to get really brave and bring down the blanket and escape from the pen...
  3. BunnyHunny17

    Bunny Discipline?

    So I'm very much a dog person. When they poop or pee somewhere they're not supposed to, I take them to it, tell them no, and then put them outside and praise them when they go potty outside. I have no idea how to do that with a rabbit. Our bunny Flower has some issues with dropping poops on our...
  4. BunnyHunny17

    Rabbit Vaccination in US?

    So we just adopted out rabbit, Flower, and her previous owners never got her vaccinated. I've been reading that in the US rabbit vaccinations are not widely available, but I want to make sure she is protected as she will be playing outside (she's an indoor rabbit with supervised outdoor...
  5. BunnyHunny17

    Kaytee Brand Food

    Hi everyone!! I think I might've messed up and would appreciate any input. So we're adopting our rabbit, Flower, tomorrow and I bought all of her food and stuff today. I bought her Kaytee brand Timothy hay, Kaytee brand "Food from the Wild" foraging blend pellets (Timmy hay based and has rose...
  6. BunnyHunny17

    Decisions Decisions

    So I have a dilemma. My Fiancé and I are moving out in August to our own apartment (if we get the offer, which we've been told by multiple people in charge of housing there that we are very likely to be offered an apartment.) We both have really bad anxiety and depression and need an emotional...
  7. BunnyHunny17

    Help With Housing

    Hi! so I'm not sure if it's okay for me to post as I don't actually have a rabbit yet (my fiancé and I are getting one when we move into our new apartment in August or so for emotional support) So anyways, I'm doing my research on what it'll need and I'm trying to decide if a large hutch with a...