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  1. Yurusumaji

    Rabbit Room

    Hi guys! I was wondering if people could give me tips and ideas on how to setup a bunny room. My husband is deeply concerned about the rabbit "destroying" the room (chewing trim, damaging floor, spraying wall (even though he's litter-trained), etc.). I have seen images of lovely rabbit rooms...
  2. Yurusumaji

    Ouch! Bunny Nipping

    So I have seen some other biting threads on here, but it seems my situation with Captain is a little different and I'm not sure what's going on with this behavior. Captain is neutered. Over the last 2 days he has been coming up behind me on the couch and nipping me around the backside of my...
  3. Yurusumaji


    We recently brought home a bunny from the Dumb Friends League. His name was Phillip, but we've renamed him Captain. He was a victim of neglect, living in a small carrier that never got cleaned. He suffered urine burns to the entire underside of his body and his back legs. He is much better now...
  4. Yurusumaji

    Lagomorph Lavishings

    So does anyone else buy their pets Christmas presents? No, sillies, it's not just crazy people who do it! ... Is it? Michiko is getting an Oxbow Timothy Lounger. If you have other pets then you can share what they're getting too! Apollo & Kuma [dogs]: 24" braided rawhide [each] Phoenix...
  5. Yurusumaji

    Book Review: Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

    Title: Bitter is the New Black : Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass, Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office Author: Jen Lancaster Page Count: 416 Genre: Non-fiction, Memoir Rating: My Review: I desperately want to give this book 5...
  6. Yurusumaji

    Michiko Is Famous!

    Someone in a rabbit LJ community asked my permission to submit Michiko as a 'Creature Feature' on Girly Bubble, which I said was fine as long as I was notified if she was featured. She was featured today! Michiko's Creature Feature Maybe I should spam Cute Overload until they post her, too...
  7. Yurusumaji

    Ordering Food Online

    For those of you who order your food and/or hay online, where do you order it from and how long does it take to get to your door? I feed Oxbow pellets and hay, but our local PetSmart stocks very little alfalfa hay and no alfalfa pellets. I got on Oxbow's site and just picked somewhere to order...
  8. Yurusumaji

    For Readers!

    This was posted in a book community I belong to and I thought some folks here might be interested. This is not yet a widely available book, but it can be bought on Amazon here: In the world of the rabbits, she is hailed as a savior. In the world of men, a holy man wants her dead. She is...
  9. Yurusumaji

    Fort Hood Shooting

    Please pray for the families of the victims in the Fort Hood shooting. All Texas military bases have been shut down today - no one comes in or out. Ft Hood Shooting: 12 Dead, 31 Injured Obama spoke about this and every national news channel is covering it. God Bless The Fallen.
  10. Yurusumaji


    My mum sent me this today. Wow! Surprise! Bulldog Has 21 Puppies
  11. Yurusumaji

    Got Ears?

    Michiko's Gotcha Day: October 29th, 2009. She turned 3 months old on October 28th, 2009. Michiko is a cream English Lop doe. She came from a breeder as a disqualified show rabbit, but she's loved here. Michiko is a Japanese name. It means "beauty, wisdom". Her first night home we set up her...
  12. Yurusumaji


    I just spotted this over at Cute Overload and thought it was too good not to share.
  13. Yurusumaji

    Caging For English Lop

    Hi everyone! I am getting my first English Lop baby this Thursday and I am very very excited for her arrival. However, I am having an issue about housing for a rabbit this big. We have an empty bathroom, but the linoleum floor concerns me a bit. If this is a safe option I will happily clean up...