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  1. Korr_and_Sophie


    I am writing this post far sooner than I should be. Korr passed away yesterday. I don't really know what happened, he was not feeling well in the morning and got progressively worse and passed a few hours later. He had been happy and healthy up to that point and doing very well for being...
  2. Korr_and_Sophie

    Korr's Record Breaking Jump!

    A few weeks ago at Aggie Days, Korr broke the CRHC long jump record. He jumped 11 poles which is 1.26 meters. The previous record was 10 poles that was set by Wallaby about 12 minutes before. The record before that was 9 poles that had been standing for about 2 years. Korr is 7.5 years old, so...
  3. Korr_and_Sophie

    My new Rhinelander

    Yesterday I brought home a new rabbit. He is a Rhinelander and about 3 months old. He doesn't have a name yet as I need to find the perfect name for him. He is pretty sweet, but scatter brained (which I am sure it pretty normal for a young boy). He has already jumped 3 poles in hopping, so...
  4. Korr_and_Sophie


    I had to have Lillian put down today. She wasn't eating last night and I did syringe her some food. Her breathing was also bad, she was really having a hard time just to breathe. She wasn't acting like herself either, she is normally right at the pen wanting attention and she had been just not...
  5. Korr_and_Sophie

    Then there were 7

    I brought home 2 new rabbits today. I have been thinking about getting another rabbit for a couple months now and there were some possibilities, but they didn't work out for one reason or another. Last Friday a breeder friend posted on Facebook that she had a bonded pair (male and female, fixed)...
  6. Korr_and_Sophie

    Registration question

    I have 2 tan bucks that I got back in June 2011. They came from a breeder who was not their original breeder (both were bred by different people). The breeder I got them from had both registered and I do have the certificates. The thing is that neither one of them has a registration tattoo. I am...
  7. Korr_and_Sophie

    When is a doe 'recovered' from having a litter?

    As part of the hopping club, we are refining on policy on breeding does. We aren't going to allow pregnant or nursing does to attend events or practises, but need to have a better idea on when they could come back to participating. We are thinking to say at least 8 weeks after giving birth as...
  8. Korr_and_Sophie

    Trouble with Tans (and other adventures)

    In light of my new additions, I figured I would have another go at blogging. We will start with the Tans, Tesla and Kraken. Tesla is an almost 1 year old black tan buck. Total lover boy and not afraid of anything. Can focus for almost 5 seconds if he really concentrates. He just started...
  9. Korr_and_Sophie

    Discouraging breeding.

    The Rabbit Hopping Club had a BBQ on Saturday and we have had a few issues arise from that with regards to breeding. The main issue is some of the members (mostly younger kids) are considering breeding their rabbits. These rabbits are primarily pets and there had been very little thought put...
  10. Korr_and_Sophie

    The b'ys are here!!!

    I have been eyeing Tans for about 7-8 months now and I have FINALLY got some. I was pretty close to getting on in March, but it just didn't work out. About 6 weeks ago, I found that there were some people from the Calgary area going to the Washington State Convention and I knew that a tan...
  11. Korr_and_Sophie

    Amelia and the Teeter Totter

    Amelia doesn't like it when the teeter totter is not down and she will turn around and go the other way (other rabbits will just go around). I decided to see if I would train her to pull it down. She did learn quite fast and was actually pulling it down rather the just jumping onto it. It only...
  12. Korr_and_Sophie

    Preventative Deworming

    I just got a call from another member of the Hopping club and one of her rabbits has pinworms. This has happened before (with a different rabbit). Since there can be lots of rabbits at events or practises, and we don't always know how healthy they all are, would it be a good idea to deworm the...
  13. Korr_and_Sophie

    CRHC Newsletter

    The Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club now has a newsletter. We are hoping to put one out every 2 months. Anyone can submit an artice, but it should be bunny related and written by your bunny :) It is pretty big, so may take a while to load...
  14. Korr_and_Sophie

    Edmonton area Rabbit Hopping Club

    The Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club is expanding. We now have someone who will be heading up the northern chapter of the club. This club will be focused around the Edmonton area and anyone wanting to join is welcome. You can get some more info by contacting Cherie. The contact info is on the CRHC...
  15. Korr_and_Sophie

    Belgian Hares

    I have the opportunity to possibly get a Belgian Hare. Nothing is set yet as it does depend on transport and some other factors. Right now I want to get some other peoples experience with them and know a bit more about them. I am hoping to get a buck and would be using him for rabbit hopping...
  16. Korr_and_Sophie

    What really goes on at Rabbit Hopping Practise

    Poor Lillian http://www.youtube.com/v/K9i5nsvGcGM&hl=en&fs=1
  17. Korr_and_Sophie

    Lop in Calgary AB needs new home.

    I just got a message on Facebook form a friend who needs to rehome one of her rabbits. Teddy is a male (neutered) lop. I believe his is a mini lop, but I haven't seen him in a while so an not sure. He is about 1.5 years old. He is litter trained. I am not sure of the circumstances as to why he...
  18. Korr_and_Sophie

    Meet Amelia

    Amelia is a 6-7 months old BEW lionhead doe, and hopefully Korrs new girl friend. Shortly after Penelope passed away, I was in petland and they had just gotten some BEW lionheads. I pretty much decided that I wanted one at that point. However, I was not going to pay $50 for a pet store rabbit...
  19. Korr_and_Sophie


    I made the decision the have Penelope PTS today. She was not doing well yesterday and spent the night at the vet. This morning she had not made any improvements.
  20. Korr_and_Sophie

    (RIP) Penelope not feeling well

    Penelope is now at the vet for overnight care. She will be on fluids and pain medication. She has not been eating much (had some veggies yesterday), not been pooping, has a hard belly and grinding her teeth. The vet doesn't seem to think there is a good prognosis. Her temperature is about...