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  1. Jenni

    Hay Cakes/cubes

    Does anyone know of a good place to order hay cakes/cubes online that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping?
  2. Jenni

    Wet Bunny Nose

    When Gretchen runs around and plays, the fur under her nose sometimes gets wet. The moisture is clear and it doesn't happen unless she has been playing. This is nothing new for her, but is it a cause for concern? Do rabbits use their noses to cool themselves down?
  3. Jenni

    Licking Buns

    Gretchen licks me all the time, which I know are bunny kisses, but why does she lick everything else, like the floor and the sofa? Does anyone else's buns do this?
  4. Jenni

    Grass Hay

    I have an abundance of little bluestem grass on my property. The wild bunnies love it. Does anyone know about using this for bunny hay? (in addtion to timothy hay)
  5. Jenni

    Rabbit Jumping

    Does anybody have or know of some directions or plans for building a rabbit jumping system? I would like one that I can use inside and that has bars that I can add to raise the height. :jumpingbunny:
  6. Jenni

    Freedom for Bun

    Gretchen is about7 months old and was spayed almost a month ago. I let her out of her cage for several hours everyday. She is confined to our large living room, the kitchen, the stairs, and 2 hallways. The areas are bunny-proofed. She is a very good bunny--always uses her litter box (unless...
  7. Jenni

    Gretchen's Spay

    I just dropped Gretchen off at the vet. The vet I am using is referred by the Austin House Rabbit Society and has done thousands of spays. I knowGretchen is in good hands and it feels nice to get her established at a bunny vet. However, when Ibrought Gretchenin, the girl at the counter didn't...
  8. Jenni

    Squinty eyed rabbit

    When Gretchen rests or is being pet, she often closes one eye and leaves the other eye open. It is always the same eye. Is this normal?
  9. Jenni

    Post Spay Advice Please

    Gretchen is being spayed on Monday by a very experience rabbit vet. I feel very comfortable with his knowledge of bunnies. When I talked to the nurse today, she said that it was very important that Gretchen stay on her normal eating schedule before and after the surgery. I thought that...
  10. Jenni

    Wild Bunnies

    I recently got back from a two week trip to Colorada, Wyoming, and Montana. I encountered many many wild rabbits on the way and took lots of pictures. I thought we could start a thread about wild bunnies. I 've been reading some posts about them but couldn't find a thread exclusively set...
  11. Jenni

    Pooping on the couch

    Gretchen is very good about using her litterbox. The only place she poops out of her box or cage is onthe couch though!!!! I don't know what to do! Please advise. She has not been spayed yet and it's getting to be time forthat. I don't want to put a litter box on thecouch. I am afraid that...
  12. Jenni

    Gretchen's Garden

    I am so excited about starting a blog thread for Gretchen--how marvelously fun! Gretchen is a young Rex/Dutch Mix. I've had her about a month and I already can't imagine life withour her. Here is picture of her and our dog Beamer. As you can see,they get along nicely (most of the time). The...
  13. Jenni

    Gretchen's Biting

    Gretchen is adorable. She jumps on thecouch with me and cuddles while I rub her head. She licks myarm and hand thankfully too--we take turns. I pet her, shelicks me....and then everything changes. She will then startbouncing around me and climbing on me, biting my clothes and handsetc. It is...
  14. Jenni


    I need to get Gretchen some toys. I was wondering what yourbunnies like to play with. Gretchen doesn't seem to like the toys that I bought for her at the store.
  15. Jenni

    Hi from Jenni and Gretchen

    Hi! I would like to introduce myselfand my bunny, Gretchen. She is 1/2 rex and 1/2 Dutch and isseveral months old. Gretchen is a house bunny who is workingher way, slowly but surely, to the run of the house. Gretchen doesn't pose for pictures very well. She is a naughty teenager right...