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    Behaviour after gut statis

    He is 2 years old, not neutered (never really had to). We changed his diet a bit as the vet made us realise we were giving too much pellets to our bunny so we reduced significantly and increased greens (that was few weeks before gut stasis though) now we give a tiny spoon in of pellets in the...
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    In Desperate need of help

    I don’t have lots of experiences but have they tried to give him a scan? That’s what my vet recommended once. It allows them to see things they normally wouldn’t see with a naked eye. Also you talk about hay and pellets, how’s your bunny doing with green vegetables? Great source of vitamins and...
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    Behaviour after gut statis

    Hello everyone, a couple of weeks ago we noticed out bunny stopped eating and pooping, took him to vet who diagnosed him with gut statis and kept him for a couple of days. Since we brought him back he has been eating like crazy, he always beg for more food, jumps on everything we put in front of...