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    Do rabbits need bedding?

    I like my house really, really cold. When my bunnies sleep, if I have the "ice conditioner" on at my prefered setting, they sleep in a cat bed or ferret bed. They use it for their hide-out too. I found the flat ones (round with about a 1" roll around it) clearanced at ***co for $1 each. I...
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    Diarreah or Urine? HELP!

    Okay - I can see the picture and that does not look like normal urine to me. It looks more like the picture of sludge. However, if the bunny is acting normally, it is probably not a life-threatening emergency. Keep your eyes open and reassess the situation in a little while.
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    Rescued cottontail bunny as a pet?

    My state prohibits the possession of wild large carnivores. " Large carnivores are illegal to own. There is also a limit of 6 bobcats, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, quail, oppossum, coyote, deer, red fox, and gray fox per owner." That limit can be enforced for rabbits, wherever they are born...
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    Bulding my own frame. Please help!

    Your drawings look just fine! Here are a couple of ideas for consideration... I have solid plastic for the bottom of my cages. It's a lot easier to get really clean. If you pay attention to where the bunnies like to do their business, you can put a litter box in that corner and that will...
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    turning a bed frame into a cage?

    How would it work to put counter-top material on top of the plywood? The linoleum might be a better idea, but I thought I might throw that in there. I think the stuff at our local hardware store is about $30 for a huge sheet. If you got linoleum remnants though, they would probably be...
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    Rescued cottontail bunny as a pet?

    I would also like to know how the bunny did. Did he grow up as a much loved family pet? Was he released to be a wild bunny? If you managed to raise him from only a day old or so, you did a marvelous job! Baby bunnies are so fragile - wild or domestic. We also rescued a cottontail that...
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    Rabbit in the yard I'm not sure if it's wild or a domestic bunny

    He looks just like my cottontail rescue, Gizmo. Except he is wider across the beam like the females in our yard. There are lots of wild bunnies in our neighborhood. They all look just a bit different, just like people do. Gizmo's mom had really short ears. Her litter was all mixed (ears of...
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    Your buns FAVORITE veggie/fruit dish?

    My family eats the "Spring Mix" lettuces. The bunnies get some of that. They love almost any raw veggie that we are having. I just cut some off for them before I cook it for the family. I dont think that anyone eats celery, though. But they all have different tastes and maybe there just...
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    What to feed a wild born feral domestic bunny?

    Wild bunnies can eat anything their houserabbit cousins eat. You are on the right track. Watch to see how much he eats when he does his main meal and then give him just a little bit more in case he wants a "midnight snack." Slowly, start replacing the fresh spring grasses with a bit of hay...
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    Worlds biggest bunny!

    To be completely fair - the video did say "In addition to some special rabbit food, he gets..." And I did that quote from memory, so it may be off a little bit.
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    Tommy 120 C3

    Whoops! I forgot to tell you that you can order the cages at Foster's and Smith. (I hope I spelled that right!) They are a lot cheaper if you buy them as single floor units and put them together yourself. Cutting the hole in the floor does require a power tool.
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    Tommy 120 C3

    The Marchioro 120 is an awesome cage for bunnies! I have 2 of them stacked with a hole cut in the floor of the top one. My bunnies hop up and down without using the ramp at all. The solid plastic floor is super easy to clean. I use bleach wipes and then wipe that off with wet paper towels...