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    How to help a sad rabbit?

    I have a 10 year old Male rabbit. His roommate, who was also 10 year old Male, passed away last month. He is now having a hard time adjusting. I have taken him for a checkup and he is quite healthy for a guy his age. But he seems so sad. He just sits in the corner, mopes around. He looks...
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    "Healthy" rabbit avoiding blind rabbit

    Hello I have 2 senior rabbits. They have been bonded for about 2 years. One has gone blind in the last couple months. I have taken him to the vet, got medicine etc. My issue is with my other rabbit. They used to get along fine, but now it seems the "healthy" rabbit is avoiding the blind one...
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    How big is too big for a sipper bottle?

    I have a large American White rabbit (mixed with a bit of Flemish, he's about 13 pounds). Is he too big for a sipper bottle? I have tried everything for water dishes, but he always manages to flip them and flood his cage every day. I've even tried these...
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    When can I leave them alone together, unsupervised?

    I've had 2 male rabbits for about 4/5 years. One is neutered, the other is not (my vet said there are more complications with neutering at my rabbit's age, it's not worth the risk for the few benefits). They are both about 6/7 years old. My question is: when can I leave them alone together...
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    Any experience with jaundice/liver disease?

    My rabbit was diagnosed today with some kind of liver problems, we're not sure exactly what it is. My vet is amazing and very helpful, he gave me lots of information. She isn't eating on her own, I have to force feed her Critical Care and give her antibiotics. She lost 25% of her body weight...
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    Rabbit won't leave heater

    This may seem like an odd question, hopefully someone can help. My rabbit is constantly hanging out by the heater in my bedroom. The temperature in my house is perfectly fine, all my other pets are comfortable. I felt her ears and they feel nice and warm. But every time I try to move her from...
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    Hair loss and dry skin on back of ears

    I noticed my rabbit has really dry skin on the back of her ears and she's missing some fur there as well. She has had problems with fur mites before (she has a weak immune system and has trouble fighting them off), but they have since disappeared. I checked her whole body and there doesn't...
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    What to do when rabbits lose an owner?

    Without getting into the details of my situation, my rabbits will no longer be able to see my fiance. Half of the rabbits in my home originally lived with him before we moved in together (they were essentially "his" rabbits), and I know they love him very much. He has been away at training...
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    So noisy and destructive at night. Why?

    Recently, my rabbit has become very noisy at night. He trashes his cage, tips his litter bin, throws his ceramic food dish around, spills food everywhere, etc. It's getting to the point that I haven't had a full night's sleep in 4 or 5 days. Does anyone know why he's doing this? I've...
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    Questions about Neosporin for sore hocks

    My rabbit has sore hocks; the bottoms of her feet are red and inflamed (no cracked/open cuts or anything though). I read in the Library section of this site that I could apply some Neosporin to help her heal. Has anyone ever done this themselves? Is Polysporin the same as Neosporin? (I only...
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    Blood in urine - looking for second opinion

    NOTE: I've already taken my rabbit to the vet, he's already been examined, diagnosed, etc. It was a new vet though, and I'm looking to see if anyone might know of any other causes. Last night, I noticed blood in my rabbit's urine. It was very dark red, and it was like he was peeing blood (as...
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    How to drive long distances with rabbits

    In the next couple months, I will be moving to another province. The drive is 18 hours nonstop (flying is out of the question). How should I travel with my rabbits for this long? Should they be in travel carriers, or should I leave their cages set up in the van? How crazy are they going to be...
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    Accidentally applied Revolution to where rabbit can reach. What do I do?

    Tried to wash it off but I can still smell it. He is trying to lick it off. What do I do? I called the vet but they're closed.
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    Loud teeth grinding

    Today and yesterday, I noticed my rabbit is grinding her teeth really loud. It's not constant, but I hear it every now and then. I've heard her grind her teeth out of contentedness before - this is much louder. I've read online that it may indicate pain, but will my vet give me meds if her only...
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    Do rabbits snore? If so, what should it sound like?

    I'm asking because I've noticed my rabbit sneezing a lot. I'm getting paranoid about her having "snuffles". She makes noises sometimes when she's sleeping. I assumed it was snoring, but now that I'm reading about snuffles, I'm worried it might be laboured breathing (which is a symptom). She...
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    Information on ridding environment of fur mites

    Can anyone give me some information about how to treat fur mites? My rabbit was diagnosed by my vet and he gave me Revolution. He said "If this dose doesn't work, come back, I'll give you more Revolution and information about environmental factors". The first dose didn't work, so when I went...
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    Side effects of Revolution - red, gunky eyes?

    I gave my rabbit a dose of Revolution 2 weeks ago. The next day, she had a big chunk of goop in her eye that was irritating her. I wiped it out and she was fine - it never returned. I gave her another dose of Revolution today, and within a few hours, I noticed the corner of one of her eyes is...
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    What are the signs and diagnoses of seborrhea?

    My rabbit has had pretty dry skin for about a month now. I have taken her to the vet on 3 separate occasions to check her for fur mites, and she doesn't have any. My vet just said she has dry skin. I noticed today she (accidentally?) pulled out a decent size patch of fur, and there are little...
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    Clumsy rabbit falls over, panics to get up

    I have a female rabbit who is very clumsy. She hurt her back pretty badly a few months ago because she fell over and kicked too hard when trying to get up. My question: is there anything I can do to help her with this? Whenever she tries to eat her cecotropes, scratch her back or flop over on...
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    How to syringe feed rabbit by myself?

    One of my rabbits stopped eating, so I took him to the vet and he was prescribed Critical Care for Herbivores, which is a powder to be mixed with water and fed through a syringe. He is very fussy and I have no one to hold him while I feed him. Does anyone have suggestions? I tried to put some on...