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    It's crazy around here...

    I like this forum, would like to get to know the members better and share about myself as well :) I am married, no children (of the human variety), just started my 5th (and last Lord I pray!) year of college, and I am very passionate about animals and agriculture. Animals are my hobby, as...
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    Type of litter?

    What type of litter is safe to use in the litter boxes? I have Bonnie and Paisley inside for now. Eventually Paisley, maybe both, will go outside to live in the hutches when they are finished. I put shavings in the cages and in the boxes. Bonnie uses her box about 80% of the time. Paisley is...
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    What do you feed your show bunnies?

    I am looking for a good quality show pellet, I am not happy with the mess I am getting from my feed store. Can anyone reccomend a good brand? Also, how do you judge how much to feed your show rabbits, and how much hay? What type? Right now I am feeding timothy hay, a good bit a day, and 1 cup...
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    How do you cull your rabbits? In high school I had one baby that was deformed when it was born, I guess it would be called a peanut baby, missing a leg and extremely small. I wasnt sure what to do but it died within 24 hours of being born. I had never felt so bad for a creature before, but I...
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    ARBA show in Poplarville Jan 26

    Will anyone be at this show? It will be my first ARBA show and I am very excited. I have 1 rabbit now and another is being picked up Sunday! Poplarville, MS