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  1. J

    Sexing my 8 week olds

    Can anyone help with these 3 so I can double check myself. I posted to one of my Facebook groups and 2 people responded and each rabbit was labeled both sexes. Thanks
  2. J

    Momma only had one surviving kit

    I have a netherland dwarf with only on surviving kit I have a Polish that has 3 kits one day older. Should I foster this one kit to the Polish?
  3. J

    Cream Holland lop

    I have the ability to get a cream Holland lop. I have 4 bucks a BEW, harlequin-black, broken black and blue tort. Would any of these work for her. I’m not just breeding for show I do some pets also. I’m not finding much information on cream. I know it’s in the wide-band color group but I have...
  4. J

    Best type of litter box

    What type of litter box should I buy. I’ve never litter trained a rabbit but I want to try