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    Adventuring Ivy

    This is the adventure of Ivy. She just recently learned she is a doe and not a buck on my behalf which in grateful for as I was wanting a doe.
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    Aggressive does

    Ok I just got taught how to sex rabbits and I'm happy to say I got the sex of my two buns right as that thyre both does. I was a serif all the times I've let them out to meet each other is that why my eight month old doe is aggressive toward the two year old doe? Both are unspayed as my family...
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    Really unusual

    So I was given my six month old bun some food and water and I noticed some huge fluffs of hair in the litterbox, I looked for kits just in case and there wasn't any thank goodness, other then hearing that does pluck their chest hair when nesting I don't really know what else could be causing my...
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    Silver marten X Netherland Dwarf mix?

    This is Ivy and I was goi g through the what breed is my bunny test and she looks more like a silver marten but I noticed her head shape is almost that of a dwarf Netherland so could she actually be a product of the two somehow?
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    I'm really concerned as I can't sex my bun I've just been calling it a her as it suits her, however whenever I part the fur to look using the rabbit sexing links here I can't tell if she is a he or she. a little confused so if anyone knows please help!:ponder:
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    Mommy says Grammy is making us a outsidesy pen, what does that mean also I don't like my housemate Winky who is also going to have an outsidesy pen why do I have to share with winky who I don't like and want to be mean with?
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    Is it ok for rabbits to have pumpkin cause I gave my bun some in small portions and she ate it and nothing is wrong with her just making sure.
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    Lemon thyme

    Is lemon thyme ok for bunnies? My bun seems to enjoy it along with the parsley.
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    My rabbitry

    I have a rabbitry just created today. Check out my website at www. brittanyrabbitry.weebly.com So for only have two does and they are pets not for breeding. Winky and Ivy are the two founding doe's.
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    Are blankets ok for buns? My Netherland mix loves to burrow in my heavy blankets. Can I put one in her cage? Can I use it as the bedding in her cage where all I have to do is wash the blanket?
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    Hi so I've decided to try giving binding a go between my two buns. At first when I i traduced both my Netherland mix would try to bite my dwarf hootot mix now whenever my dwarf hootot comes close to my Netherland mixes cage it appears to charge at the dwarf hotot mix. My dwarf hotot is really...
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    Pine bark

    Is pine bark ok for rabbits to chew on or is any bark ok for them to chew on?
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    Ok Im now having confusion as to wether or not my bun is a doe or buck I've tried sexing it myself but to be honest I have no idea if what I was seeing was male or female Gentials. URL=http://s1369.photobucket.com/user/SweetBunnies/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image1_zps365bf7db.jpg.html][/URL]
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    Hi any Floridians on here? Anyone near Flagler county? I have two buns I believe one is a Netherland mix and the other a dwarf hotot Netherland mix. Anyways just wanting to see if anyone is in the florida area.
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    Dwarf hotot?

    Ok this is my other rabbit named Winky not sure if boy or girl. I'm thinking he or she might be a dwarf hotot.
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    Not sure if my buck is a netherland dwarf as I keep getting told by others that he is not. Sorry I still can't post pictures! 933ACD6F-5401-474C-BAC5-D236493CBD56