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  1. RaspberrySwirl

    Pick Your Favorite Angel

    Tis the time ofthe year for good deeds, so pick your favoriteangel! Forgive me for those I've overlooked. Wehave too many good hearted peopleand notenoughspace in our poll. ;) Raspberry
  2. RaspberrySwirl

    Check This Out!

    They stole Tina'sidea!!!Somebody saw Apollo in his stroller andthought to themselves, "WOW, how brilliant! I could make a mint off ofthat!" Then they ran home and did it themselves! :X:X:X Just LOOK AT THIS!!! Raspberry...
  3. RaspberrySwirl

    Please Keep Sebastian's Little Girl In Your Prayers

    A lot of you knowSebastian's Little Girl...my little girl...and I'd like to share withyou what is going on inour life right now. Bear with me, thisis long. I guess I'm still venting. My family has a long and strong historyof auto immune disease. My grandmother, mother, sister, cousins...
  4. RaspberrySwirl


    You gotta see whathappened!!! Raspberry
  5. RaspberrySwirl

    To Our Bunny Party Guests

    In the pastCarolyn has gone to great lengths to make sure the Bunny BoathouseParty was a fabulous opportunity for anyone who wanted to takeadvantage of her generosity, to gather and share in our common love ofrabbits. Unfortunately after all the hard work and planning, the anticipatednumber of...
  6. RaspberrySwirl

    Super Soaker Bunny Guns!

    As many of you whoknow me are aware, I use a water gun to remind Sebastian as to who issupposed to be boss, and what the rules are. Well, it has mysteriously disappeared andhe and I have been having a conflict today, so I sent SLG off to findanother one. She returned with one that just barely...
  7. RaspberrySwirl

    Where is dajeti2???

    :X Alright, who Tina-napped ourfriend??? She is never missing in action likethis... Anybody know anything? I wantanswers! Raspberry
  8. RaspberrySwirl

    O/T- World Of Outlaws Sprint Series

    We went to theWorld Of Outlaws Sprint Car races last night and had a blast! Myhusband used to be involved in sportsman/streetstock racing years ago.My oldest son raced before he joined the Marines and is looking to getback into it. So, they always enjoy it when "the big boys" come totown! :)...
  9. RaspberrySwirl


    There is one spotin the dining room where Sebastian insists on trying to squeeze underthe edge of the buffet. He is big enough now that it is a tightsqueeze, so he digs and chews the carpet at that spot. HE KNOWS heisn't supposed to do it! :X He will actually creep along the wall,under the...
  10. RaspberrySwirl

    To Carolyn

    It's been awhile since we offered some photosto brighten your day. So, Happy Monday! :) Love, Raspberry, Sebastian and Sebastian's Little Girl
  11. RaspberrySwirl

    Got Fur???

    Some of you mayremember the photo I posted of Sebastian recentlythat showedhow full his coat is, and you may also recall that I've grumbled uponoccasion,about how much I have to groom him. Wellanyway today while I was brushing him I decided to takesomepictures to show you how much wool comes out...
  12. RaspberrySwirl


    It's our time of the year! Happy Easter everybunny! :) Love, RaspberrySwirl, Sebastian, & Sebastian's Little Girl
  13. RaspberrySwirl

    If Bunnies Could Bark

    IfBunnies Could Bark I scuffed into the kitchen this morningfor my first morning cup of coffee, (scuffed being the word the familyuses to describe the sound my big, fuzzy slippers make as I movethrough the house.) It seems that the whole world can hear thatscuffing, but it means something very...
  14. RaspberrySwirl

    Training Rabbits

    This discussioncame up in another thread and I thought it might be of interest toothers. I've had so many peoplewho havecome to ourhome andare so surprised at how well Sebastian responds towords. I thought I'd share my methods in case anyone else would like totry them out. In the wild...
  15. RaspberrySwirl

    O/T Small Town Living

    This brought asmile to my face, so I thought I'd share. This is how I grew up, andhow my kids grew up to some extent. Perhaps there's a few of you whocanidentify withit and get a kick out of it too!:) Raspberry Growing up in a small town Those who grew up in small towns will laugh when...
  16. RaspberrySwirl

    Great Tip

    This is a great tipif you don't like searching for a thread that you visit on a fairlyregular basis. Such as your "home thread" or the cheat sheet. Find the thread Go to the top of your page and highlight your address on the address bar Right click and select copy Minimize your browser...
  17. RaspberrySwirl

    O/T Hopefully A Nightmare Coming To An End

    Back when I wasonly 11 years old this all started. A serial killer struck in Wichita(my town is like a suburb of Wichita) and killed at least 8 times,maybe many more, through the next 12 years. As a young woman living onmy own, when I’d return home late at night I was always so frightened.I’d...
  18. RaspberrySwirl

    RaspberrySwirl's Home Thread

    In the spirit ofrenewing the board's focus on bunnies, I will try to contain my family,bunny and otherwise, ;)to this thread. I will begin with"our" bunny, I use that term loosely, as he is supposed to belong to mylittle girl. However, as most regular members know, she belongs to himand is known...
  19. RaspberrySwirl

    Worlds Biggest Bunny?

    I saw this on a WebSite and wondered if it was true. Whether it is true or not, it is aBIG Bunny! :) Raspberry
  20. RaspberrySwirl


    Somebody on the Easter Bunny thread saidhe looked like he had a "forehead fro"!They'realways pickin' on our boy's haircuts! :X