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  1. ZRabbits

    Cucumber Leaves and Flowers

    Knowing that tomatoes are good for bunnies but not the leaves or stalks, which are toxic, are cucumbers leaves and flowers toxic, even though the cucumber is good for bunny's? Would appreciate all input. Cucumbers in the garden are growing like crazy because of the heat. Going to have a big...
  2. ZRabbits

    Happy Independence Day USA

    Happy 4th of July. Let's not forget the men and women through the years who have paid the ultimate price for our Freedom. And all those who returned. To the Forefathers, my thanks for creating such a Nation. I hold it to my heart and cherish this Nation that was created. To all our Allies...
  3. ZRabbits

    ZRabbits Pictures

    Hi Mike, I had another practice session. I worked on my just two settings. Automatic and Close up (the Flower Icon). I'm just really starting to play with it. I figured I'd get comfortable with these settings, and then others. I'd really like to get a good action shot. To be honest, the ones I...
  4. ZRabbits

    Through the Eyes of a Camera

    Thanks MikeScone for starting the hobby of seeing through the eye of a Camera. I've enjoyed taking pictures for a long time. Not as professionally as my Better Half. He has to show and explain to people detailed information through his pics, and has been using a camera as his tool for a long...
  5. ZRabbits

    Bunny Dating

    I understand the reasoning of bonding bunnies. Especially using the shelter bunnies so that they get a "forever" home. I understand why you want your bunny to choose, because they are so picky with partners. I understand the "bunny dates" so that you can get your bunny used to a new partner, but...
  6. ZRabbits

    Lets talk BIG Bunnies

    As I posted about "Rabbits that Rule" and how the focus is on smaller bunnies, I think a bigger bunny can give just as much love. Plus I think a bigger bunny is so much better with children. Easier to handle. Smaller bunnies IMHO are good with children who have reached teenage years. But smaller...
  7. ZRabbits

    Rabbits that Rule

    I've been getting this magazine since I got my bunnies. Lots of really good information in it. Loved the article "Rabbits that Rule" Top 10: Mini Rex Netherland Dwarf Holland Lop Satin Mini Lop Dutch New Zealand Jersey Wooley Polish Rex Up and Coming: Lion head Mini Satin The Mini...
  8. ZRabbits

    Wheat Grass - A True Benefit

    I have to say that finding this insignificant plant has been a true benefit for all our bunnies. Not just for calcium and trace minerals but it's ability to produce chloryfill and oxygen. NOTHING can live in pure oxygen. This is why so many article recommend treating your bunny to wheat grass...
  9. ZRabbits

    Food, Inc.

    Thank you for your suggestion. My husband knew about it, but we did watch again. Very interesting. Also would like to share with you a website and maybe you know of it. Offthegridnews.com. Also extremely helpful. Wishing you and your son all the luck. Sorry that some disapprove but it...
  10. ZRabbits


    Anyone else having problems with their Photobucket account? Trying to edit photos and getting ssx errors. K :)
  11. ZRabbits

    Tax Time

    Well I sit here waiting for 10:00 Am so that my Husband and I can get our taxes done. My husband, being self employed, makes tax time uncertain. They have changed so many laws and it's not to the benefit of an Independent person. But, it what it is. Got all my paperwork together including our...
  12. ZRabbits

    Heavy Feet

    Is it me or do bunnies sound like a herd of cattle running through your home. My boys are little but boy do they sound like they are 200 lbs when they run across the room. I thought bunnies were swift and light on their feet. I've learn better now that I've experience "the run of the bun"...
  13. ZRabbits

    The "True" Lion Heads

    Well, I finally got my membership card from the NALRC. Plus I received my NALRC guidebook. Very interesting read. . Gail Gibbons explains the Double Mane very well. The mane on a Lionhead is the result of a genetic mutation. Unlike most other genetic mutations in rabbit fur type it is the...
  14. ZRabbits

    Changing Pellets for a 9 week old

    I have a 9 week old bunny, who has been on the breeder's pellets since he could start eating. I've now started to the slow change to the pellets everyone here eats. I don't see the reasoning of keeping him on an alfalfa based pellet when I could get him on the Timothy pellets all are eating and...
  15. ZRabbits

    COD for Lion Heads

    The more I read and research, the more I become interested in finding out what's really going on. There is a breeder in PA who per the National Lion Head Association is close to getting her third COD. Now that is an accomplishment. So why did the PARBA lock her out from the Washington show...
  16. ZRabbits

    Grooming Long Hairs

    If you haven't heard already, I'm the proud owner of a Long Hair Rabbit. A Double Mane Lion Head. I have short hairs right now and need advise on what equipment is needed to best groom a long hair rabbit. Really appreciate any help or advise. Thanks K :)
  17. ZRabbits

    Amazing What Rabbits Will Do

    Just perusing the net for news on rabbits and found this. There was a thread about fostering and this just caught my eye. It's amazing what a rabbit will do for a orphan. Just thought you would enjoy the tragic story with a happy ending. Thanks to a bunny...
  18. ZRabbits

    Peter Rabbit turns 110 this year

    Just thought I'd put this out there. Something good I found in the news. I love this book. Glad to see that further adventures are being thought. Loved Emma Thompson's Nanny McPhee. I think she will do Peter well in continuing his story. http://www.peterrabbit.com/us/shop-news-whats-new.asp...
  19. ZRabbits

    Do you think I have an Attitude? Mom thinks so!

    My name is Kreacher. I think I'm big guy stuck in a little body. Mom thinks I have a attitude, but I don't think so. Sometime I'll stamp my feet when I don't want to be brushed or picked up by Mom. One time, she wouldn't let me go where I wanted to and I hissed and stomped. It didn't work. Mom...
  20. ZRabbits


    Love to hear about your Lionheads. I'm CRAZY about these rabbits and look forward to getting my own. Loved this little breed from the start, but didn't know much about rabbits. My boys have help me and my husband so much to learn what a rabbit really is, that we are now ready for our...