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    Deworming / Breeding Preparations

    As it moves into the next month, I’ll be starting back up my breeding (late September, Early - Mid October). In plans of doing so, thought it would be good to do a round of dewormer just to be on the safe side, as my buns do make contact with the ground when exercising. I was curious as to what...
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    Keeping cool in the Summer?

    Hi all! Summer heat has just kicked in here, and I’ve been searching tirelessly for a lasting way to keep my buns cool in the summer heat. They’re all in 4.5 ft x 2 ft cages, one side of which is the nest box, and the other side, as well as the front is wire, so they get pretty good...
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    Outdoor Rabbitry Tips

    Hi all! I was wondering how everyone keeps pests away during the summer months? I recently built my first set of hutches (one wooden unit, three stacked cages, all 4 ft x 2 ft with a built in nest box). Due to the fact that it’s wooden it has been attracting most every creepy crawly in the...
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    Genetic / Breeding Program Help

    I've recently been trying to tackle breeding sable points in Mini Rex (being that it's a very uncommon color in my area, yet one of my favorites). The closest I've come to finding one was a Sallander that was listed as a Sable Point (had chinchilla gene in pedigree; no sables at all). Being...
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    Mini Rex with no Rex fur?

    Recently bred my Sable Mini Rex doe to a BEW Mini Rex buck. Both of the parents do have rex fur, as well as their parents (BEWs parents were on site, and Sable came with a pedigree). She produced 7 kits (three Sable, four black). I’ll be attaching pictures later once I’m off work, but one kit in...
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    New Mother Acting Strange

    My doe, a Mini Rex, recently kindled 7 kits on the 28th. All has been fine, however when I went to check on her and the kits this morning, she was very much so off. She had no interest in her food, hay, and only nibbled a few bites off of a dandelion leaf. So, I checked pulled her out and...
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    Pulling Fur Two Weeks into Pregnancy?

    Hi! My doe is 7 months old, a first timer, and my buck is 6 months old (also a first timer). He has been very not “into” breeding (he would only lay next to the does, showed no interest). So, I left my Doe with him for two weeks and pulled her out. She was removed from him last week on...
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    Help with Kit Colors

    To any experienced breeders, wanted to get your thoughts on possible colors of these babies? They’re two days old, so fur has started to come in a bit but not a ton. The doe is a tort (ee) that carries blue, and the buck is a Himalayan (dilute recessives unknown, EE or Ee). Did this breeding...
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    Signs of a Pregnant Doe

    I have just gotten into breeding rabbits. Was wondering if there are any tell-tell signs of pregnancy, besides palpation? My doe would currently be 29 days pregnant (lifted for my buck several times on July 1st) , however has yet to show any signs. Her stomach can be firm to the touch...