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  1. LuvaBun

    Goodbye, my Sweet Georgia Bun

    My sweet little Georgia Bun has gone to The Bridge :sad: She was with us nearly 4 years, which is a lot longer than anyone thought we would have her, but it still wasn't long enough. In fact she nearly didn't make it here at all, as she was on her way to be euthanised at the Shelter, when...
  2. LuvaBun

    Goodbye Shadow, my Beautiful Big, Black Bun

    Yesterday, after a brave fight against illness, I had to let my beautiful Shadow go to The Bridge :bigtears: My heart is breaking,and I feel so numb - I miss him already. He had been such a big part of my life for over 5 1/2 years, and has left a huge hole in my heart. All Shadow ever wanted...
  3. LuvaBun

    My Rabbits and Ramblings 2011 onwards

    At last, I'm getting around to updating my blog (only nearly halfway through the year lol) For newer members, I am originally from the UK but Emigrated to Canada in 2008. I now have 4 bunnies, and their old blog is http://www.rabbitsonline.net/view_topic.php?id=48145&forum_id=6 and my latest...
  4. LuvaBun

    Need help/advice on a stray rabbit

    I became aware of a stray bunny early last summer. I had seen it around, and when I saw it in someone's garden, I knocked at the door and asked if it was theirs. It wasn't, but apparently 2 were released by someone as they were unwanted (probably Easter gifts :X), and this one survived and went...
  5. LuvaBun

    Need to Vent

    OK, maybe I'm hormonal or something, but this has really upset me. We have a small lake just a block from where I live (storm water run off, made into a nice lake). Houses back on to the lake on one side, and there is a footpath on the other side, and lots of people like to walk there. Last...
  6. LuvaBun

    Going Home for 3 weeks

    Well, after being in Edmonton for 18 months, John and I are going home to the UK for a visit :). I am going for 3 weeks, John is coming back after 2 I am so looking forward to it, but also kind of nervous, as I'm not sure how much things will have changed. My mom has had 2 mini strokes since I...
  7. LuvaBun

    Baby Carrots

    I work in a seniors residence, and our kitchen received an email the other day about baby carrots that you buy in plastic bags in the store. I haven't got the actual email, but the story was this ... The baby carrots in plastic bags are actually made from disfigured carrots, put through a...
  8. LuvaBun

    Hornets Nest

    John and I went out the other day, and when we came back, there was this 'alien thing' just above our garage door :shock: When we inspected it, we discovered it was a nest, full of big, black buzzing 'things!!! There was a dead one on the ground, so we had a good look and then looked it up on...
  9. LuvaBun

    Jester's First Gotcha Day

    One year ago today, we adopted Jester (then called Morning Glory) to be a friend for Shadow. Unfortunately, they have never become friends, but I wouldn't swap Jester for the World. He is my bouncy, energetic bundle of fun. He does crazy things that make me smile when I'm feeling down, loves...
  10. LuvaBun

    Has anyone heard from Sooska?

    I thought that this forum was probably the best place to post this, as we've all been here longer, and probably 'know' each other a bit better. Has anyone been in touch/heard from Susan after last Saturday's 'conflict' ...
  11. LuvaBun

    My Rabbits and Ramblings

    Well, I thought that since it's a year since I lost Pernod, that it was about time to move on and start a new blog for my bunnies. I feel a bit guilty, as I've had Jester nearly a year, and poor little guy hasn't had much written about him. So, without futher ado, I'll introduce my trio of...
  12. LuvaBun

    Taken on a new Bunny.

    Well, for those who were following the Edmonton Humane Society posts in the Rescue Me forum, I guess I should end the suspense and tell you that I adopted a bunny from there last Saturday. The story started on 23rd May. John and I had taken a semi-feral cat we'd trapped to the Humane Society...
  13. LuvaBun

    Another visit to the vet for Shadow

    Shadow was a bit 'off' on Friday. Nothing I could put my finger on, just not himself. However, he was back to normal on Saturday, so I gave a sigh of relief. Sunday, he ate very little in the morning, and spent most of the day under our bed, only coming out when made to. He ate a minimal amount...
  14. LuvaBun

    For Sheep lovers

    I know lots of people either have, ot love sheep. I thought this was a wonderful story http://news.aol.co.uk/supermum-sheep-dolly-has-six-lambs/article/20090426051511143106595
  15. LuvaBun

    Busy Easter Bunnies

    I was working all Easter weekend, serving breakfasts to seniors in a seniors residence. A few weeks ago, I bought a Bunny Apron, and I wore it on Easter Sunday, instead of our usual aprons. The chef had made hard boiled eggs, and put them in a basket, and I took them and handed them out to all...
  16. LuvaBun

    A Year Ago Today

    I can hardly believe a year has passed since I left the UK with my bunnies and moved to Canada :shock:. A lot has happened, but it still feels like it has flown by. To be honest, it's been a pretty rough year, especially losing Pernod, and then my mom having her accident when she came over to...
  17. LuvaBun

    My Poor Shadow

    I haven't put this in the Infirmary as Shadow isn't really ill as such. Some weeks ago, Shadow stuck his nose through the cage bars and Jester bit it - and held on to it!!! There was a lot of blood, and I kinda freaked out, but once I cleaned the blood up, it didn't look bad, and Shadow was...
  18. LuvaBun

    To My RO Friends

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move it if necessary. This weekend, when John and I came back from the mountains, I received the most wonderful suprise. A gorgeous picture of my two babies, Perry and Pernod, brilliantly done by Lauren (lalena2148). It is stunning, and captures...
  19. LuvaBun

    Happy Birthdays/Gotcha days

    Just wishing Bassetluv, Pumpkinandwhiskersmom and Chocolate-lover happy birthdays today. And a very happy Gotcha Day to Pet_Bunny's Bebe :biggrin2: :party::party::party::party: Enjoy!! Jan
  20. LuvaBun

    Beware an angry bunny ...

    At 10.30 last night, I realised I had no salad leaves, parsley or brocoli for my bunnies supper/breakfast (BAD, BAD mommy :X). So, I hot footed it to the shop, which closes at 11 pm. I was the only shopper in, and when I got to the check out it was a young, kind of bored/tired looking young boy...