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  1. Itchyrat


    so I finally decided on a name for my wonderful Flemmie boy, and he's now named Sanguine, nicknamed Sam (everybody needs a Sam on their life journey) and he sure knows how to pose for the camera ;)
  2. Itchyrat

    he's finally home :)

    yesterday I finally went to pick up my new family member, the black "little" flemmie buck I booked a couple of weeks ago....and he is just lovely, and has magnificent ears :3 I haven't chosen a name yet since I want to get to know his character before choosing a fitting name for him (he is...
  3. Itchyrat

    can't decide if I should adopt or not

    so I've been looking for a new family member for a good while now, and got my sights for a Flemish Giant, and I finally found a breeder that has an incredibly cute little black male for sale, who is ready to leave his mother the last of may.....and he is absolutely perfect in every way, he has a...
  4. Itchyrat

    Harley Quinn

    maybe a thread of her own is in place after being at this forum for a while now, and haven't really introduced her. this is my lovely little girl Harley Quinn, my little clown with the mask to match :) *as a little cute baby bunny* she is a blue Vienna Dwarf lop with blue eyes and now...
  5. Itchyrat

    dreams of a gentle giant

    since my beloved Dobby passed away its been so empty with just little Harley left, so I've started to think about getting another family addition, and this time I want a free range little giant, and I'm now in the process of deciding which breed would suit me the best. I've only had dwarf...
  6. Itchyrat

    my special rabbit Dobby (pic heavy) - RIP

    I have a very special rabbit at home, my little Dobby, with the looks that only her mommy can love she is born out of a litter of 9 kits from normal parents, and all of her siblings had their fathers long fur (lion head) but this little girl stood out a bit, and nobody wanted "the rat" so I...