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  1. Spectacles

    After two weeks should my doe be showing signs that she is pregnant?

    Two of my rabbits have been living together for two weeks now and we have just found out that one is a male. They are both of breeding age and non desexed, they are not related. the doe isn’t showing any signs of been pregnant except an increased appetite, and drinking more water than usual...
  2. Spectacles

    Are rabbits with blue eyes more susceptible to vision problems?

    Our rabbit has recently had 5 gorgeous little babies which have all turned out to have blue eyes, was wondering if they could be more susceptible to vision problems than other rabbits, I’ve heard that white bunnies with blue eyes may be, the babies are grey.
  3. Spectacles

    How to help my rabbits obsession

    Hi my rabbit specky has developed an obsession with my naibour a rabbit toothless. He is the father of her babies which she weaned about a week ago. Seeming as the babies were all girls they still all live together happily. I don’t know if mabey she is trying to get to him to mate, we don’t want...
  4. Spectacles

    Solid black x chinchilla???

    Hi all I have a rabbit that we are hoping to breed. She is chinchilla and the buck is solid black, I know both of these colours are resesive so I was wondering if anyone could clue me into how the resulting kitts may look the first pic is the doe and the second the buck
  5. Spectacles

    When do baby rabbits need first vaccination?

    Hi all, we have a a mama rabbit with three little babas who are two weeks old today. I know they will need vaccinations but how old should they be when we take the little munchkins to the vet and should we take mama aswell?
  6. Spectacles

    What breed is my rabbit????

    Hey, I have adopted a gorgeous little bunny, we think she is about 4-5 months old and seems to have stoped growing, she is about 1.3kg I think but I havnt been able to weigh her for a while, she’s a rescue so we don’t know what breed she is, any ideas would be helpful. She’s very long and thin...
  7. Spectacles

    Day 35 and still no babas should I be worried?

    hi my doe was due to have her first litter last Saturday, she was showing all the signs and had made a nest but pulled no hair, she was very unhappy about anyone touching her nest, that night it got very windy and her nest was destroyed but we gave her more hay and she re built it, it is now day...