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  1. NotaCocoaPuff

    bunny is attacking my kids

    I've had Fiona now for 3 months. She is very laid back, friendly but likes her private space. She has free roam in house but does not venture out of her space much. We think she may have been raised in a cage and is not comfortable exploring. She is about 2 years old. Recently we got a new bunny...
  2. NotaCocoaPuff

    Not eating hay or greens 😳

    So my newest addition Fiona, is a small albino rabbit who seems quite content to stay in her space although she is free roam. She was bonded with Farrah who passed away recently although I would not say they were super close. Farrah tended to stay under our bed most of the day while Fiona liked...
  3. NotaCocoaPuff

    I think my rabbit hates my cat

    Does anyone have experience with a rabbit that might not like its feline house mate? For months now I have been trying to figure out why my one rabbits keeps marking near the cats litter box. I've tried EVERYTHING to no avail. I even ripped up a rectangle of my pee-saturated carpet to see if...
  4. NotaCocoaPuff

    Out of ideas

    My 2 female rabbits were spayed back in September. It seemed to help their litterbox habbits tremendously... for a while. Rue is still doing great, she seems to be using the litterbox however he urine doesn't stink and it lighter in color so its hard to tell sometimes. But i see her use the...
  5. NotaCocoaPuff

    Moving buns indoors

    My buns are 7mo old now, 2 and 3 weeks post-spay. My goal is to move them indoors as free range rabbits. They current are free range on my patio and doing well litter box training. A few accidents still but I can’t tell if it’s because they marked those spots before. I’ve tried them inside a...
  6. NotaCocoaPuff


    How do I know if my buns are bonded? I mean, they don't fight at all and seem tolerant of each other but I seem to have 1 docile bun and 1 strong alpha. They are spayed but 1 still seems to be marking with poos and rubbing her face everywhere. The other just kind of hides most of the day, comes...
  7. NotaCocoaPuff

    Biting, aggressive toward my husband

    My two new bunnies, Rue and Basil, are seven months old now. I have posted before about marking and litter box training. I had Basil spayed last week and it seems to be helping with the marking. Both are doing much better with their litter box habits. The newest development is that Basil, who...
  8. NotaCocoaPuff

    Litterbox training

    I want to be realistic in my expectations with these two new bunnies but I am getting frustrated and so is my husband. Mr. Rabbit really set the bar high and these two new ones do not measure up. I had them a month now, they were born in foster. Both un-spayed females (scheduled for next week...
  9. NotaCocoaPuff

    New bunnies... questionable bond? Aggression?

    So I recently adopted two female rabbits, about 6 months old. They are sisters and I was told they were bonded. I have only have them about 3 weeks but I've noticed that although they snuggle, one of them seems more aggressive. If I try to pet my brown rabbit (Rue) the white rabbit (Basil) will...
  10. NotaCocoaPuff

    Help! wisdom, advice and encouragement on amputation!

    Hi all, My boy is facing amputation of his left hind leg next week. This was a hard decision but one that I feel will provide him the best quality of life. About 21/2 months ago I notice a growth on his hind leg, hock area. We initially started with antibiotics and a small incision and...