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  1. Wabbitdad12


    I have come down with something a nasty cold, my voice has dropped 2 octaves, unbeliveable sinus pressure and one minute there aren't enough blankets and the next too many. You couldn't tell the difference betweenmy voiceand Barry Whites, ok you could he has talent, but I can do a pretty good...
  2. Wabbitdad12

    Miss Sweetie

    Miss Sweetie passed away this afternoon around 12:40 pm. I was cleaning bunny cages and had just given her some lovin, pets and told her what a great bunny she is and what a great momma she was. A few minutes later I looked over and she was going, I gave her a few more pets and she passed away...
  3. Wabbitdad12


    The Advantage 9 I bought for my rabbits last year is now called Advantage II and has pyriproxyfen. Can the new formula be used?
  4. Wabbitdad12

    Rules our slaves should know!

    Hi I am Nibbles, wabbitdad12 is my slave. I thought I would start a list of rules my slave forgets sometimes. Maybe the hoomins can read this and become better slaves to us. Feel free to add to the list.:) Rule #1 Veggies are to ready at the same time everyday and be properly chilled...
  5. Wabbitdad12

    Miss Baby

    Miss Baby ourNetherland DwarfHimalayan, passed away tonight in her slaves arms around 6:15pm. She was a wonderful bun who didn't know she was the smallest bunny. She was 6 years old. This is a recent photo Here are some pictures of our sweet girl.
  6. Wabbitdad12


    Hi This is Daisy Mae, I am an e-lop, Jenny she's an elop too and Rudy he's a french lop. We will get to be in an Easter display and get our pictures taken with lots of people. I just hope they get my good side, of course I don't have a bad side. Its about time the world gets to see my...
  7. Wabbitdad12

    15 Kids suspended for snorting Kool-Aid Mix

    15 South Bend, Indianastudents are suspended for snorting or at least pretending to snort powdered Kool-Aid drink mix. The school corporation's director of communications told WSBT the students did it because they heard they could get high from it. All 15 students go to Edison Intermediate...
  8. Wabbitdad12

    Lucky Bunny

    My name is Jenny. This is a picture of me my new slave took today. My old family's man wanted to send me to the meat butcher, but the woman said no! Jenny is a good bunny, I will find a home for her. So the lady sent a email out to something call 4-H rabbit club. A man told the ladyI could...
  9. Wabbitdad12


    Great banner.
  10. Wabbitdad12

    Skippery 5-26-04 to 9-24-10

    Our beloved Skippery passed away this morning. She did not die alone, her best friend Nibbles was by her side. Skippery was a special bun, loved to be petted. If you stopped, she would not nip or dig on you - she would get in your face and stare at you until you started petting her again. Her...
  11. Wabbitdad12

    Happy Birthday Wabbitmom12

    :party::birthday I would get in trouble if I told you how old she is, but I can tell you its the seventh anniversary of her 39th birthday today!
  12. Wabbitdad12

    Property Tax

    Your House As Seen By: Yourself... Your Buyer... Your Lender... Your Appraiser... And... Your County'sTax Assessor...
  13. Wabbitdad12

    Soup with Boxtops?

    How can a can of soup have a box top?
  14. Wabbitdad12

    Very Funny Travelers Insurance Commercial

    I love this commercial, I saw it the other day, but could not remember later who the advertiser was. http://www.youtube.com/v/Q9LzeDg8z-M&feature=player_embedded&hl=en&fs=1
  15. Wabbitdad12

    Velvet June 2005 to June 2010

    Velvet passed away tonight at 5:50 pm. She is now with Lil Blue and her baby's. She was the bunny who started it all, the bunny who came for a visit and stayed. Velvet was a very special bun who had what we called "blueattude". Velvet was the Queen of the warren who let everyone know she was...
  16. Wabbitdad12

    Black Flemmie kits

    I should have posted here too, but sometimes its hard just to keep up with my blog. My black flemmie doe Sweetie, mom to Peg's Nyx, had her final litter this month. Now after she raises this litter, she will donothing butbe spoiled wrotten even more and will read Pegs posts about her grandkids...
  17. Wabbitdad12

    Bad Day for the Easter Bunny

    A woman in an easter bunny costume was the victim of random violence. http://www.wpix.com/news/wpix-easter-bunny-attacked,0,6899826.story
  18. Wabbitdad12

    Nice April Fools

    Took me aseveral seconds, but I noticed the "No new bunnies", "search for eggs" and "homus" Ya got me.
  19. Wabbitdad12

    Kids are quick

    ____________________________________ TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America . MARIA: Here it is. TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America ? CLASS: Maria. ____________________________________ TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor...
  20. Wabbitdad12

    Don't Risk it!

    Can't eat Beef, Mad cow.... Can't eat chicken . bird flu Can't eat eggs Salmonella Can't eat pork fears of trichinosis. Can't eat fish heavy metals in the waters has poisoned their meat Can't eat fruits and veggies .. insecticides and herbicides Hmmmmmmmmm!! !!!!!!!!! ...