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  1. la~la~land

    Loss Of Ear Fur

    Hello, I've been having issues with fur mites in the last year. I thought I'd completely eradicated them but I've noticed that a few of my rabbits have bald flaky patches on their ears but nowhere else. The fur on the rest of their body is just as thick as always. I've been treating with...
  2. la~la~land

    What Breed Is This Dog?

    I went to my local animal shelter today to fill out my papers to become a volunteer. I was looking at the dogs when I saw this little girl. She's gorgeous and so sweet. My dog, a nearly thirteen year old elkhound mix, passed away a few months back and I really miss having a dog. My parents don't...
  3. la~la~land


    Hey there! I was checking over everyone yesterday and noticed that my buck has a small white pimple near his genitals. Hes been eating, drinking, pooping fine, and there is no discharge from anywhere. What could this be? Just a random blemish or something worse?
  4. la~la~land

    Mini Rex Litter!

    I took a quick video of Moondance's babies today :biggrin: They all decided to pee on me immediately afterwards :headsmack Little stinkers http://youtu.be/Tk2DEtXGfls
  5. la~la~land

    Broken Blue Mini Rex Critique

    This is Zombie, one of my home bred Sr. bucks. I'm trying to sell him right now and need a little help, haha. I know whether or not I like or dislike an animal but I really suck at giving reasons. You know, pointing out faults and strengths. :help: So I guess my real question is What do you...
  6. la~la~land

    Website Critique?

    Hello! I've been trying to update and revamp my site. Any suggestions? Oh, and disregard the pictures :baghead They're all awful/overposed/pulling but I'll try my best to get some new ones up this weekend. Should I also have a non-posed cutesy picture of each rabbit? Constructive criticism is...
  7. la~la~land

    Setting Up Shop?

    Hi there! Recently I've been considering the possibility of creating a little online shop or more likely just featuring items on my rabbitry website. I can sew and was considering making little fleece things for rabbits/guinea pigs. You know, stuff like little beds, hammocks, fleece...
  8. la~la~land

    Another Fur Mite Question?

    Hey there, I had started another thread on here a while back about how some of my rabbits had fur mites. I treated with ivermectin, but the second time I dosed them my buck Jet had a bad reaction so I stopped after that. A few weeks later everyone's fur is back and they look fine so I bred my...
  9. la~la~land

    Fur Mites! (Ivermectin?)

    Heyy, welp, I come home from state fair and Linden looks awful and patchy. I think, Molting right? Well, at closer inspection, its fur mites :pssd: Ivermectin is the common treatment for it right? How much of the paste would I have to give and how often...
  10. la~la~land

    Water Bottles?

    Where do you buy yours? What would be the cheapest place to buy them (Preferably top fill) or any other rabbit suppliesin bulk? Thanks! :biggrin2:
  11. la~la~land

    How Do You Deal With Flies?

    Title says it all really lol I'm having to clean my rabbits out almost daily just to keep the flies from laying eggs (My cages/shed are under an apple tree so I guess thats part of it) I've heard of fly preditors but it seems like the cost would add up fast. What do you use to keep them away?
  12. la~la~land

    Mini Rex Litter Critique

    Hey, these are Primrose's babies and I'm going to put up an ad for them soon (I won't be keeping any from this litter) so I was wondering what yall's thoughts were on them (: They're six weeks old and the only thing I'm certain of is that they are alittle long in ear for my taste. (They were...
  13. la~la~land

    Advertising Litters?

    I was curious as to how you advertise your litters? I have a litter of fourmini rex at the moment. They're only a little under four weeks at the moment but I was just poking around some of the classified sites like hoobly to see if there where any wanted ads posting by breeders. There were...
  14. la~la~land


    Does anyone else have their website through webs? Mine isn't letting me upload pictures. Is yours?
  15. la~la~land


    Hey, I've been trying (and failing) to use Kintraks to make pedigrees for my litters. I cannot for the life of me figure out how >.< Like, do you have to make a new profile thinggy for each of their ancestors? Even if you are neither the owner nor breeder? And if so, which box would you check...
  16. la~la~land

    Evaluating Juniors?

    Hey, I was wondering at what age do you start looking at type?I was wondering what ya'll thought ofmy two little girlies out of my GC Linden and Buttercup (if its not too early to tell). They'll be six weeks on Sunday and didnotwant to pose, haha. (sorry about the icky picnic table lol it was...
  17. la~la~land

    Mustard Greens?

    Does anyone know if mustard greens are safe to feed rabbits? I've always thought they weren't but what do you think?
  18. la~la~land

    Baby Bunnies And Grass?

    How old are your kits before you let them on the grass? :biggrin2:
  19. la~la~land

    Mini Rex Critique Plus Questions About Sales

    Hey, I know I've posted pics of Primrose beforebut now that I've decided to sell her I've got a few questions (: She'd be going as a pedigreedbrood doe. 1: What is your honest opinion on her? (I'm not sure if the pics are the best, she didn't want to cooperate) 2: How would you price her? 3...
  20. la~la~land

    Crossing a broken to a charlie?

    Would crossing a broken to a charlie result in all charlies? Thanks!