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  1. MeuAmorbree


    I made a card board play house thingy and filled it with news paper and my bun runs through it hides and digs in the news paper it was free and I hv fun watching him play around with it
  2. MeuAmorbree

    Marine Corps moving us out of country, two NC buns need new home

    I’m in Summerville SC how far are u from me. I’m close to the base here
  3. MeuAmorbree

    Life’s hardest question

    Just eat !!! Eat it!! Don’t you want to see me eat it
  4. MeuAmorbree

    Life’s hardest question

    To eat? Or not to eat? That is the question!
  5. MeuAmorbree

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    This is my first pet ever I’m 35 lol I Knew nothing about bunnies till now I’m in love!!!!!!
  6. MeuAmorbree

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    Mr GusGus Sweets Just another day lounging not sure if he wants two ears hanging out or just his paws
  7. MeuAmorbree

    2018 Cages

    Hello everyone Bought a used Hutch 50$!!!! Gutted it and sanded it down to clean it up. I’ll place a piece of plywood covered in laminate and hv a ramp to the lower level of the condo. I’m in the process of painting still but I couldn’t wait to show you all. Also I’d love opinions on where...
  8. MeuAmorbree

    How to introduce the idea of a human?

    Babies don’t usually start out super noisy they gradually start lol I hv 4 kids I think eventually your bun will become acostumed. Maybe don’t hv both of them in close proximity but allow him to sniff your babies blanket I’m no expert but I’m sure it will be fine
  9. MeuAmorbree


    Over looking the land that is my own
  10. MeuAmorbree


    Too cute!!!!
  11. MeuAmorbree

    Shredded Paper as litter

    Oh thanks for the ideas I just figured out that my bunny likes to play with Paper he will hv a blast as soon as I collect old news paper.
  12. MeuAmorbree

    My first bunny

    Ok thanks
  13. MeuAmorbree

    My first bunny

    I’m in love with my Gus Gus he is so cute and so very excited in learning everything about his care, health and basically life with a bunny. He is currently 8 weeks old and I’m hoping to free range him. Currently I let him play with me in the living room in the evening when my childern are...
  14. DAFE7D15-2DEA-445C-A1E1-FA6AE0ACC3BF


    Guard bunny Gus Gus