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  1. Lokin4AReason

    Exclusive Tour of Rabbit Island Japan by a Bunny Expert

    we need to pitch in for a group rate and go ..... anyone up for it ?
  2. Lokin4AReason

    lost my 2 babies this year

    sorry I havent been on awhile. just had a lot going on and just had access to a computer. sorry if this is going to be long, but here goes.... my boy ( Borderline Charlie ) wasnt feeling himself last Dec. of 2017 and he passed on 26th of Jan. 2018. I can not tell you how much time I spend going...
  3. Lokin4AReason

    this had me going tear(s) after reading this aticle "Inside Europe's rabbit farms"

    makes me wonder about humanity a lot of time(s) =0/ have to also advice graphic image(s) http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/shocking-images-show-horrific-cruelty-6510449...
  4. Lokin4AReason

    miss or not to miss the potty, that is the question ... ?

    ok ok, I have been doing this for some time now ... I have been washing and cleaning ( as in vinegar and soap afterwards ) in cleaning their cage AND I still get some serious wee on the side or in the middle of the cage ( not pointing fingers but I think its borderline charile aka see at why he...
  5. Lokin4AReason

    Rabbit uses specially adapted wheelchair to get around after her hips collapsed

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3208236/Bunny-hop-wheelies-Rabbit-uses-specially-adapted-wheelchair-hips-collapsed.html A paralysed rabbit is hopping for joy after being given the chance to walk again - with a bunny wheelchair. Bertha the bunny was left unable to move around her home...
  6. Lokin4AReason

    missing patch(s) of fur ... ?

    I was up and around spending time w/ my little(s) and I noticed on one of them ( on borderline ) that he was missing some patch(s) of fur on his belly section ... mostly white ( natural colour ) and some pink ... I ll see if I can get a picture of the area I am talking about, but it ll get a...
  7. Lokin4AReason

    that bunny look =0/

    awaking to some remodeling that the kid(s) decided to do this morning. with turning on the light(s), I was greeted w/ great joy from my girl an somewhat from my boy ( still working on our bonded friendship. I take he didn't like that I took his manhood away ). doing my morning ritual ( hay...
  8. Lokin4AReason

    photos document the 1st 30 days of baby rabbits life before they even open their eyes

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3132725/Cradle-babe-Adorable-photos-document-30-days-baby-rabbits-lives-open-eyes.html Almost anything is cute in the first month of its life but these photos that document these rabbits' first 30 days are tough to beat. When photographer...
  9. Lokin4AReason

    bun(s) nipping each other .. ?

    hello all, I have my two bun(s) ( male at 6 mos. and the female 2 n half yrs old ) bonded and looked like clear sailing but yesterday I had them doing their bunny business out of the cage ... it seemed to me that they were nipping each other and would go their separate way(s) for a little...
  10. Lokin4AReason

    Borderline is throwing some attuide ..

    he is less than a year old and I had his man hood taken care of ( because of his hormones ) ... and figured that it would go away, as in, his grunting, nipping, clawing, etc ... he is an bit aggressive and noticed he is being very careless w/ my other bun in the same cage ... as in no fighting...
  11. Lokin4AReason

    Free Bunnies

  12. Lokin4AReason

    Bigs bunny! Darius the world's biggest rabbit

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3026731/The-beaster-bunnies-Darius-world-s-biggest-rabbit-weighs-four-stone-faces-competition-giant-rival-son-Jeff.html ( all I can say, is that you ll need a dog house. additional photo(s) in link provided ) The world's biggest bunny is preparing...
  13. Lokin4AReason

    Chinas 'magic rabbit' ( just eight inches from nose to tail )

  14. Lokin4AReason

    (two-legged) white rabbit! Disabled pet becomes tourist attraction in China

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/peoplesdaily/article-3000509/Follow-two-legged-white-rabbit-Disabled-pet-tourist-attraction-China-learning-walk-paws.html Usually if you visit a zoo, tigers, elephants and gorillas are most likely to top your list of must-see attractions. But for the...
  15. Lokin4AReason

    Bikke the chipmunk demonstrates his morning stretch routine

  16. Lokin4AReason

    currently out in the dating field ....

    its been sometime since I have done this ( almost a decade now, boy I feel old ) but is there any site(s) that has a good rate in meeting up w/ someone in person ( like in a public place ) and not doing the cyber talk/chat or whatever you call it ... ?? I am on POF, eharmony, match, zoosk, and...
  17. Lokin4AReason

    Urban bunnies live in smaller warrens and are lonelier, study finds ....

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2936394/Rabbits-urbanites-City-bunnies-live-studio-apartments-lonely.html Living in the city can be cramped, with large numbers of urban dwellers living cheek by jowl in shoebox apartments. Now it seems that urban animals like rabbits also suffer...
  18. Lokin4AReason

    free bun ( male ) in the south ....

    I have this little guy ( about 12 wks old ) and he is full of energy .... very playful and loves to run around =0) brown bun w/ pick ear(s). white underneath along w/ his tail ... has an awesome personality just want him to go to a good home ... PM me for the detail(s)
  19. Lokin4AReason

    my girl just had surgery but a wash ....??

    i just had her come out of surgery and i was wondering, once she heals up, should i give her a bath in warm water or is this something that she will do ...??
  20. Lokin4AReason

    getting my girl done ( as in getting fixed )

    just let everyone know that i dropped my girl off at 4.30 this morning. i am like nerves as hell ( because i lost one at already ) and getting a relasp of emotions again .... http://www.rabbitsonline.net/showthread.php?t=81125 i just hope that there will not be any hiccups along the way ( as...