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  1. PupTheRabbit

    4 Bunnies in 1 Cage--very concerned. Help.

    Hi everyone, I need your help, don't let the lengthy post scare you away. We all know it's the worst time of the year for bunnies--Easter. My cousin who lives in MI (i'm in NJ) told me she wanted to get a bunny. I thought it was great because she's very good with animals, would treat them...
  2. PupTheRabbit

    Eye Infection? Picture Included

    It appears Luna has a bit of eye "gook" around her right eye. Is this something to be concerned about? I made an appointment for the vet just in case but I want to hear you guys' opinions: Photo is upside down IDK how to fix it but yeah... please help!
  3. PupTheRabbit

    Poop Question -- with picture

    Hi there, I have noticed that Pup's poop is tiny and dark, while Luna's is a bit bigger and light brown. They both eat lots and lots of hay. The only thing is, Luna drinks much more than Pup. I feed them both cilantro, romaine lettuce, escarole, and some times parsley. Here is the pic...
  4. PupTheRabbit

    She drinks A LOT...problem?

    Hey, Ever since I got Luna she has always been a big drinker (ha, sounds funny now that I type it out). She drinks much more than Pup, and I fill her water bottle up more often than his too. The thing is, she's had a big thirst ever since I got her, so it hasn't increased or anything. But...
  5. PupTheRabbit

    Pink Eye X(

    I've had a sore throat for a week :( ! Yesterday it seems I have developed pink eye in my right eye. Lucky me...Anyway, with out realizing, I touched the corners of Luna's eye earlier today (like I do everyday when I see morning eye crust) and immediately realized I was touching my right...
  6. PupTheRabbit

    Choking Rabbit

    Today there has been a death of a famous Continental Giant named Sheldon. His parents woke up to gurgling noises and realized he was choking on a piece of hay. They did everything they could but it was too far lodged in his throat. It is horribly sad. My rabbit, Pup, is a very fast eater and...
  7. PupTheRabbit

    Not eating/pooping -- worried!

    Hi so Luna got spayed yesterday and she was kept overnight at the vets. They told me to come around 9:30am today to pick her up but when I went they said she isn't eating and pooping as much as they like so they want to keep her until 6 today to keep giving her doses of meds for pain and to help...
  8. PupTheRabbit

    2yr old Female Harlequin needs a LOVING home :(

    Biggie was bought by a woman who bought her for photography reasons. Now she is looking to give her away. No one plays with her and I am concerned she isn't getting proper affection, care, etc. I am taking over with the process of finding a loving & caring home for this gorgeous 2 year old...
  9. PupTheRabbit

    So afraid of my bun getting spayed. HELP

    2 questions: 1. Has anyone ever went on Rabbit.org and purchased the certificate that takes off the cost of the spay/neuter charge for vet offices that participate in (http://www.njhrs.com/spayneuter.htm) 2. I did. As soon as it comes in the mail I am going to get Luna spayed. But I am...
  10. PupTheRabbit

    The Black Rabbit Crew: Pup & Luna

    Hi everybun! It's Pup, Luna, and I and we all want to say hello. You may see some of my posts in a few threads but it's time I start this blog so y'all know what we're really about! There are two reasons why I am proud of myself today: 1. I haven’t eaten red meat in 1 year 2. My letter...
  11. PupTheRabbit

    Poor NJ Bunny Neglected & Needs Home!

    Anyone who lives in New Jersey or near looking for a pet rabbit? I work with a girl who is trying to give one away (sigh) because the woman who owns her doesn't want her anymore. Poor thing...she bought it because she is a photographer (I don't know exactly why she needed the rabbit) but...
  12. PupTheRabbit

    Spay or wait?

    Hi my little Luna (7 months) is starting to get reckless. She causes trouble, chews a lot, and just a little bratty, lol. I got Pup neutered at 7 months and I want to get her spayed--to both decrease her raging hormones and decrease her chance of disease--BUT I am afraid of her going under the...
  13. PupTheRabbit

    Pup + Vet = Chaos

    It's that time...Pup is due at the vet this month for a checkup. We haven't been since last Oct (he had stomach issues). Every time he has been to the vet he has screamed bc he doesn't like being examined. (For those fortunate ones who haven't heard a rabbit scream--it's frightening.) The...
  14. PupTheRabbit

    Hair in Poop

    Hey guys, Pup's coat is SO thick that he frequently gets strings of hair connecting his poop. I use a furminator on him almost every day but I still see these hair strings. He just has so much fur that it's hard and he gets impatient and ends up running off. There are no places that groom...
  15. PupTheRabbit

    Bumps in ears

    I have been noticing red bumps in both of Luna's ear...any idea of what it could be? Here's a pic:
  16. PupTheRabbit

    Diet question!

    I have been feeding Luna alfalfa pellets. She is 4 months old, when is it time to give her vegetables?
  17. PupTheRabbit

    terrified lil bun :(

    I have a 3 month old bunny, Luna. Ever since I got her she was a scared little girl and bolted when I walked near her, moved my hand to try and pet her, and even tried to pick her up. I got her 1 month ago and she still won't let me go near her. The only time I get to pick her up and pet her is...
  18. PupTheRabbit

    First VET appt

    Is there a certain age you should bring your rabbit to their first exam? I made an appointment to bring Luna (2 months old) to her first vet appointment tomorrow. Should I wait a few more months, or is it a good idea to get them examed right away, like I'm doing?
  19. PupTheRabbit

    Hole in Skin/Scab?

    So my older rabbit Pup (1 1/2) bit Luna, the 2.5 month old rabbit a few days ago. He took a few chunks of fur out and on one piece of the fur I saw some blood. Today I noticed a scab in one of the places she was bit. I dont want it to get infected, is there something I can put on it? Please let...
  20. PupTheRabbit

    Diarreah or Urine? HELP!

    OK guys, I'm in a crisis right now because I'm at work but my new 10 week old rabbit Luna may be sick. My sister sent me a picture of "thick pale yellow stuff" that she thought was diareah. I thought it could be urine because I remember when I first got Pup he peed yellow but this looked thick...