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  1. wordstoasong

    Introducing the newest rabbit

    Hello everyone! Please let me first say, there is an app for Rabbits Online?! Woo hoo! Already added to the iPhone lol Please let me introduce my newest rabbit, Bluebell. He is an older male rabbit, I'm thinking maybe a year or two old. He was found at a local dock area in town, where my older...
  2. wordstoasong

    Rest in Peace; Fiver, Starlight and Walter <3

    Fiver (oldest baby of Starlight and Walter, 4 months): Fiver passed away at my house one morning this past week. <3 Starlight (5 years?) & Walter (age unknown): Starlight and Walter were huddling together this early afternoon when I first checked on them. About an hour later, as I was cleaning...
  3. wordstoasong

    Welcome to the world, my six new babies!

    Hello everyone, it is I, Starlight. My silly owners did not know I was a girl today. My new partner, Wannita was thought to be a girl as well, but really a boy. He and I have welcomed our first ever babies together into the world. There are six little cuties, all doing well. Surely gave my owner...
  4. wordstoasong

    Baby Isabelle!

    Hey everyone! I had my baby! Baby Surprise was a girl! Isabelle Mary Jade! Born March 29th, 2 weeks early! Shameless show off! :P Baskets of babies! March 19th, 7 puppies. March 29th, baby girl April 4th, 4 guinea pigs (not pictured) Tigger Baby! Professional Shot. Cheers everyone!
  5. wordstoasong

    1+1=2 exciting news!

    Hello everyone! My apologies for not being here often. I would like to say that Starlight is happily making a mess of his winter home right now. He loves flipping that house over! I would like to share some exciting news with you guys. My longtimeboyfriend and I are expecting. Yup, we...
  6. wordstoasong

    Sharing some news!

    Hello everyone! Sorry for the random pop ups and sudden poofs! I have some news to share for you. Starlight's leg is perfectly fine. I had him indoord for the time I noticed his leg looking strange and went thru a million websites. I bedded down his outdoor cage nice and fluffy and he is...
  7. wordstoasong

    Starlight : twisted hock?

    Location Currently located in living room. Description Unknown Breed, black and white, weighing at 5 lbs? Age 2 years old spayed/neutered? No Notes on Fecal and Urinary Output Normal. Medical History Never been sick before. Diet Pellets with casual carrots, celery and apples. movement Seems to...
  8. wordstoasong

    Pretzel darling, RIP

    So I just heard from my sister, my lop Pretzel died (along with her guinea pig). Seems that Starlight and Trixie (guinea pig) were bulling the two and they starved because they weren't getting enough food. I thought the two were doing just fine together now. Ugh, makes me upset she's gone...
  9. wordstoasong

    It's been awhile

    It's been awhile for me visiting here. Just some news, I have a new rabbit. =] Her name is Pretzel and is a 4 y/o Holland Lop. She is really beautiful and calm. Starlight loves her! Currently, she is with me at my new place in town while Starlight is at my parents home still. I hope to have...
  10. wordstoasong

    Boredom Busters

    So today, Starlight was "popcornin' " , chewing my work papers (!!!) and pulling his fur out. So I took him out, was quiet a struggle. Plopped him down beside me and after while, he calmed down. Any ideas for boredom busters? He already tips the house over and I've always had another bun as...
  11. wordstoasong

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    Last year, 2008, we had 3 deaths. Honey, Midnight and Twilight. We miss them all sadly and wish they are doing well up in the sky. <3 Today is: Jan. 20th Starlight is: sitting on mom's shoulder as she types. So far so good. Starlight is enjoying his new location (in my bedroom) and gets...
  12. wordstoasong

    RIP Twilight

    RIP to Twilight. Just found him dead, Starlight jumping all over him like a idiot. Wrapped him in an old scarf and placed him a box. No idea why he died, he had been a perfectly healthy bunny to the very end. Love you, Twilight <3. Play nice with Honey and Midnight now. =]
  13. wordstoasong

    Starlight: so I'm hanging out wit Twilight..

    For my sake, her camera died after a few pictures. So I got to go back into my cage and eat with Twilight. Don't I just look adoreable?
  14. wordstoasong

    whew, what a summer!

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on in sometime. Here's a mini update: *Did my GED course and passed it! Now I have my Grade 12. =] *Went to Red Lake to vist my friend, came home with a new boyfriend. =] *Have a horse named Murray on a month's trial with me. So far I have 4 bruises on me and...
  15. wordstoasong

    RIP Midnight

    Midnight was killed sometime yesterday. She was out grazing in her own pen, when someone took Turbo off his chain. (Turbo is my lil brother's dog, and is VERY spolied. He's always off his chain and I have to end up putting him back on) I was visiting friends in another area, and my mom couldn't...
  16. wordstoasong

    Rabbit "condo" Hutches + boredom busters

    Hi everyone I now have a new addidtion to my buns, and his name is Starlight. (We are going with a "ight" theme. So far I have, Twilight, Midnight and now Starlight) Right now, Twi and Star are inside, enjoying being indoors. Twilight is still not active since his recent fight with Midnight (I...
  17. wordstoasong

    Twilight picking on Midnight

    Twilight, my young little boy, is picking on Midnight by the looks of it. She has patch-y fur and now, cuts on her back. Right now, they are outside on the grass, behaving themselves as I type this. (Midnight in the house, Twilight ontop) Now, they have their outdoor hutch, a large box for them...
  18. wordstoasong

    omg, I fainted and ended at the hospital

    Yeah, I wasn't feeling good at my college, so I left around 1230pm. We went to pick up our taxes and then I started feeling weird. I had to keep my hand on my mom while walking out of the buliding. By the time we were outside, I couldn't see at all! And my hearing was really wack. So I yelled...
  19. wordstoasong


    arrugh! I want to throw something! Lance (ex boyfriend)'s sister is saying that I done worse stuff to him and that I should leave him alone! WTH!?! She doesn't know anything about what happened, aside from what I told her (which was that we broke up) and she is saying that I'm young, he's an...
  20. wordstoasong

    Pooh Question:

    Today I brought both buns inside. We suddenly got the return of snow here, so I brought them in to check on them. Both are super fine. Eatting and all that jazz. I just noticed before bringing them outside again, that their pooh is, well very dry. Can anyone tell me about this? Thanks.