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  1. silversky2668

    Nervous about Neutering

    I was a nervous wreck when I got Honey neutered :D Everything went smoothly and he was basically himself by the next day (though I kept him in his cage for five days before giving him more room). I'm sure your little man will be fine!
  2. silversky2668

    Ankle biting...

    Ellie wrote: With Honey it works; he hops away if I don't react, because the reaction is exactly what he wants--it doesn't matter if it's a good or bad reaction, he just wants one. Idk how it would work with your rabbit, though, if he's actually leaving marks and biting really hard. Probably...
  3. silversky2668

    Ankle biting...

    When I'm sitting at the computer and Honey wants attention, he'll come over and nip at my pants/shoes/feet, whatever is easiest at the time. If I react, he binkies and runs away the little brat...so I've been trying to just ignore him. He doesn't nip hard, so it's not like it's too bad. I don't...
  4. silversky2668

    Cats and Rabbits

    MiniLopHop wrote: Wow, she does look pretty much exactly like Roxy! (Though we tend to just call her "Cat" most of the time for some reason, lol). And yes, she is very chubby :D She's always been like that, even though we don't overfeed her.
  5. silversky2668

    Cats and Rabbits

    littl3red wrote: He's a lionhead rabbit, so he has a "lion mane." :) It's one of the reason I picked him out when he was a baby, because he looked so crazy, lol. He used to have a second mane over his tale, like a little skirt, but it shed out as he got older. His head mane just got longer...
  6. silversky2668

    Cats and Rabbits

    littl3red wrote: Lol, yes, it's hard to take him seriously :biggrin: Here's two of my favorite pics of him:
  7. silversky2668

    A diet for Lupa

    kaymas wrote: Any change in diet it's good to start slow, anyways :-) And I love vegetable shopping for the rabbit--it's fun to pick out what veggies he's going to get for the week.
  8. silversky2668

    Cats and Rabbits

    Even when Honey was just a baby, he was extremely interested in the cat and the cat would always run away from him. Now the cat has gotten used to him and will stay in the room and basically ignore him, even when Honey gets in her face, lol. It always amazes me how dominant rabbits can be, even...
  9. silversky2668

    A diet for Lupa

    kaymas wrote: My rabbit Honey is a little over 6lbs, and I give him 1/4 cup of pellets only at night. Sometimes he doesn't even finish it all in one go, but he goes crazy as soon as he hears me unscrew the food jar, lol. He also gets around a cup and a half of veggies in the afternoon and...
  10. silversky2668

    treats and food ?

    RosieBunnie247 wrote: Yup, I would choose one vegetable and stick with it until she tries it--once she does, she may discover she loves it. Then watch to make sure she's doing fine with it (no runny poos), and you can slowly increase the amount and eventually introduce a new veggie, as well...
  11. silversky2668

    treats and food ?

    If she's never had veggies before it may take awhile for her to try them. You would still want to introduce them one at a time, as well, so you can see if they cause runny droppings. A favorite of a lot of buns is cilantro and dandelion greens. Honey used to turn up his nose at green pepper, but...
  12. silversky2668

    Why does he keep peeing on the bed?

    I do have to say that for some rabbits, peeing on the bed/couch will not stop even after neutering--it's a pretty common complaint. Honey still pees on my bed, and he has been neutered for seven months, now. He's PERFECTLY litterbox trained other than that one thing. I think because it's soft...
  13. silversky2668

    Bedding and salt lick help!

    Hi and welcome! Rabbits really don't need salt licks in their diet as they get all of their minerals and such from a good quality pellet, vegetables, and lots of hay (which is important for digestion and wearing down teeth). Pine shavings are actually not the best idea for bedding--they're...
  14. silversky2668

    Honey's favorite place to sleep...

    SOOOSKA wrote: Nooo, he is all mine! I would fight you for him :duelAnd he'll hopefully be getting a friend in November--he'll be going on some bunny dates at a rescue to find a wife :hug:
  15. silversky2668

    Indoor Digging Box

    I have used soil for a digging box before--I just made sure it was plain soil with nothing else added to it and put it into a large cat litter box. Set out a huge sheet on the floor so the dirt would mainly get on the sheet: I didn't keep the box out for long, though. I just give it to...
  16. silversky2668

    Honey's favorite place to sleep...

    He is quite a big bunny--when I got him neutered back in November, the vet weighed him at about six pounds. I don't know if he got any bigger after that, but he turned a year old in May so he should be done growing. I don't know what other breed he has in him, but he got much bigger than I...
  17. silversky2668

    Honey's favorite place to sleep...

    Ever since I changed my room around, this has been Honey's favorite place to be: Doesn't he just look like life is so exhausting? :inlove:
  18. silversky2668

    Good size of an indoor cage for Holland Lop?

    I'm one of those who use an xpen attached to the cage :biggrin: When I got Honey I had a regular petshop cage, but he outgrew it (He got much bigger than I was told he would). So rather than buy a whole new cage, I just got a pen and now he uses the cage as his base for litterbox, food and...
  19. silversky2668

    House bunny chewing walls! Help!

    Yup, I would block it off. I agree that bunnies will learn not to do something while you're in the room but will go for it as soon as you leave--Honey will be laying nicely somewhere, I leave the room for ten seconds, and when I come back he's over at the bookcase looking at me as if to say "I...
  20. silversky2668

    Question about cage

    Hmm, just looked at a picture. A rabbit could probably jump out of that if it figured out that it could--it sometimes depends on the rabbit, as some are more active and higher jumping than others. But you probably don't want to take the chance once you get the rabbit--perhaps you could take a...