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  1. Kellyann

    Alf coming home from dental 2 teeth extracted.

    Apart from what the vet tells me to do, does anyone have experience with teeth extraction? Antibiotics and metacam tends to make Alf lose his appetite, he has been on them before for a tooth abscess. I told the vet that but she says he needs them. I'm used to feeding critical care. Anything else...
  2. Kellyann

    Help please - GI issues, possible infection

    My little fluffy angora goes thru a motility slow down twice a year at moulting seasons. This year has been the worst. I took him to our vet at night for an emerg visit. I got the usual g.i. motility drugs for 5 days and the vet thought he had a "snotty"nose too. He has always had a yellow...
  3. Kellyann

    Too many treats

    Clever little Alfie got the lid off his tub of hay and climbed in. Unfortunately we also keep his Oxbow Digestive treats in there too. When I found him he was eating them. I dont know how many he may have had, possibly 10 could be unaccounted, more likely less than that. He normally gets 2 a...
  4. Kellyann


    Can anyone offer some advice to a worried mom? My dwarf angora had dentistry yesterday and they found an abscess at the gumline on a molar. Tooth not mobile, hoping for a good recovery. Alf was picked up at 6pm last night and I was told he was eating up a storm. Well, he isnt eating at home...
  5. Kellyann

    Quiet and active times.

    When and for how long does your rabbit sleep, or have downtime? Mine goes into his "bedroom" around 9 or 10am and stays fairly closed up until 6 or 7pm. He comes into the front room and chills on the floor for a couple of hours. Then he comes to life. Those two hours of doing nothing but sitting...
  6. Kellyann

    Critical care vs Sherwood SAR-ex

    Hi, new member with a support feeding question. My 1.5 yr old rescue angora cross is losing weight. He was great a month ago but he blew out his coat and had lots a hairy poops and slowed down eating hay. He still eats his 1 tbsp of Oxbow pellets every day and 1/2 cup greens(usually dandelions...