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  1. I_heart_Fraggles

    Nila needs a ride from California to Las Vegas....Viva La Nila!

    Operation Viva La Nila! Hello everyone. This is a lovely lop hotot girl who has just been saved from death row in California. She was going to be put to sleep for nipping after being held for to long. She is only a year old. Happy days though as she has been rescued and even has a forever...
  2. I_heart_Fraggles

    Nila in California needs an Emergancy home asap....She is on deathrow!

    Hello, my name is Nila – Will you please help save my life? I came into a shelter recently. My family just dropped me off. I am feeling rejected and right on the edge of hopeless. I am on death row because I am upset and I feel anxious when people try and pick me up . I do not know what is...
  3. I_heart_Fraggles

    My lovely Muppet

    I am still extremely sad over the passing of my sweet girl. But I still feel the need to share her with everyone. After she died my dear friend who is a photographer sent me this picture she had taken on Halloween. Its the photo I will frame and put on the the wall. I miss my sweet girl so much.
  4. I_heart_Fraggles

    Goodbye my sweet Muppet.

    What can I say about the sweetest bunny I have ever known? She was more then just a sweet and loving rabbit. She was one of the best pets I have ever had. She loved everyone and everyone loved her right back. I would take her for walks on nice days and people would stop in there tracks to fawn...
  5. I_heart_Fraggles

    Update: Operation Viva La Hopscotch!!!

    The offers for transport are starting to come in and it looks like Hopscotch will be headed to Larry and Nancy very soon. We have gotten offers from Californian rescuers to drive him down and now Vegas rescuers are offering to drive up and get him. Thank you to everyone who posted about...
  6. I_heart_Fraggles

    Help send Hopscotch to Vegas!

    Hi everybody. As a lot of you know a bunny named Hopscotch has been saved in California from being put to sleep. Now he needs help getting to his new home with RO friends Larry & Nancy McClelland. A volunteer has already been lined up to drive him to Bakersfield or Santa Barbara. Now we are...
  7. I_heart_Fraggles

    Attention in California! Only two days left for Hopscotch! :( (RESOLVED AND UPDATED)

    We are desperately trying to make room so that we can save Hopscotch from being euthanized. We have only been give two days to find room for him. Hopscotch was adopted twice from the SSPCA and returned for biting. Both times he went to a home with children. We would like to rescue him so...
  8. I_heart_Fraggles

    Happy birthday Fraggles!!!!

    Happy birthday to my beautiful Fraggles who is now three years old. She was brought home as a four week old kit no bigger then the palm of my hand. Now she is big,beautiful and happy...She was given a big planter of wheat grass so she spent her birthday "gardening"....Happy birthday Frags!
  9. I_heart_Fraggles

    Attention all Canadian bunny lovers! Bunny stolen during robbery!

    Please watch out for Milo, he's still missing! His sister was killed during this robbery. :( And everybody everywhere, please share! http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/pet/3847369270.html This is my worst nightmare come true. Hopefully someone will find Milo and the criminals...
  10. I_heart_Fraggles

    A little "bothered" by a photo of Fraggles with a vet

    Fraggles had her picture taken on Wednesday with one of the vets before her surgery. I just received a copy of the picture and I am a little disturbed. Frags looks like a sack of potatoes and I WARNED them in advance that she is a nervous rabbit who HATES being held. She is not being supported...
  11. I_heart_Fraggles

    The dangers of "trancing" Please read.

    OK so I was attending the monthly class given by Chris Norland who is a very respected women in our local house bunny community. She is a registered nurse (humans) and an excellent bunny specialist her in Washington. OK so during her class she told a story about the dangers of trancing your...
  12. I_heart_Fraggles

    I want one but husband says "no"....

    I saw this and could not stop laughing and then I decided it was kind of cute. Jason said no because he says "The last thing this house needs is a marmot with roid-rage". But I like him :(...
  13. I_heart_Fraggles

    Muppet never makes it to Letterman!

    No matter how hard she tries she just can't seem to stay awake for Letterman. Poor lil fluffy thing crashes before ten every night next to her favorite sheet. If we put the sheet in the dryer to warm it up then she is out before nine... Poor Miss Muppet
  14. I_heart_Fraggles

    Fraggles humping has gotten stranger

    OK I am just going to come out and say it....Fraggles will only hump you....if your naked!! That's right....If you happen to be heading to the bathroom at 1am and just happen to be bare legged then your getting humped. If you have some form of pants on then no hump....So Naked=Hump Clothed=No...
  15. I_heart_Fraggles

    Would you please comment on my craigslist "Easter bunny ad"?

    So everyone has ads out advertising "Easter bunnies". I decided to make my own and I would like some feedback.....Please tell me what you think. Its very important to me...Thanks http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pet/3688238547.html
  16. I_heart_Fraggles

    Mushy poop

    This morning Muppet spent a lot of time in her litterbox. When she finally left there was a big pile of mushy poop. It was still formed but very soft and all different sizes. What really struck me though was the smell. Smelled like a lot of bunny gas! Gave her some critical care which she is...
  17. I_heart_Fraggles

    Fraggles foot obsession....

    Fraggles is obsessed with feet! She wants to be petted by feet constantly. When you walk into the living room she attacks you and demands foot attention. She grooms feet and shoves her her head under your feet. We trip over her constantly and are always booting her in the butt. Does anyone else...
  18. I_heart_Fraggles

    I think this might be the CUTEST thing ever!

    Wonder if they get along with bunnies??? We want one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=18-xvIjH8T4&feature=fvwp
  19. I_heart_Fraggles

    Justice for Queenie!

    Please everyone who has a facebook page go to https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForQueenie and like this page. Queenie is a beautiful cane corso who was tortured by a vengeful ex husband. He locked her in a room with no food or water for weeks. Lucky enough the wife came back to collect a few...
  20. I_heart_Fraggles

    Muppet has lost interest in her litter box...

    So as the title says our Miss Muppet has stopped using the litter box and has taken to pooping everywhere and peeing in all corners. By some miracle it has not started a poop war and Fraggles is still using her potty. But Muppet is making a huge mess... Jason says its her braille!! I have...