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  1. Angie

    FREE for rabbits

    I have just edited the phone number out of the post. IT is very unsafe to put a phone number out on the internet in the open.
  2. Angie

    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    Because this is in the Let your Hare down area, and other topics are discussed.
  3. Angie

    Kneed rabbit in the stomach

    You really need to treat your rabbit softer than that. No animal or person wants to be kneed. And you should not be slamming doors into him either.
  4. Angie

    Deal Forum Rules

    This forum is for ORGANIC posting of deals you have found specific to rabbits. This includes eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, industry and other deals. Do not post spam in here. Any user who abuses this forum by being a shill for a company and posting their deals over and over will be banned forever...
  5. Angie

    Merry Christmas from Rabbits Online

    That is so cute! Merry Christmas.
  6. Angie

    Can I eat that strange box hoomans call " computers"?

    I think the secret camera caught the action.
  7. Angie


    Please excuse, just needing to test.
  8. Angie

    Cinder' s off to the Rainbow Bridge

    I'm so sorry to hear that Cinder passed. I hope you have a lot of tissues to take with you as I understand when hearts hurt, eyes leak. Best wishes and good memories
  9. Angie

    Rosie Loves RabbitsOnline

    So darn cute. I love that photo of Rosie looking at the forum.
  10. Angie

    My bunny loves my bunny slipper

    I know of dogs and cats that love that also. Sounds as if you have a wonderful bunny companion.
  11. Angie

    Wiki Rabbit (formerly Remington)

    I love that last photo of him all stretched out with his tummy on the floor. He must be relaxing and cooling it. Does his fur feel like plush velvet? It looks as if it should feel that way.
  12. Angie

    Wiki Rabbit (formerly Remington)

    Is that Remmy in your Avatar? And nice that he's starting to present himself to you for attention.
  13. Angie

    Banana? for rabbits?

    That is so neat. I always thought Rabbits were only herbs and veggies eaters. Neat to know that many like fruits. I learn from you all.
  14. Angie

    Banana? for rabbits?

    I was wondering how many here have bunnies that think banana slices are a treat? I have a homesteading type of friend that has a house rabbit and posted it just loved banana slices, so this seems so strange to me. So, I was wondering about your bunnies and bananas.
  15. Angie

    My little love

    Nice and classy for a Prince.
  16. Angie

    Help with grief

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds as if you did all you could, and still keep the adult obligations that you have.
  17. Angie

    My bunny loves my bunny slipper

    Whatever you are doing, it looks so good. I could see giving Harvey a good nuzzling if he was the type to allow it. And please give him a behind the ears scratch. I've not met any animal that did not love to have a bit of a ear scratching.
  18. Angie

    My bunny loves my bunny slipper

    Oh, that is cute. A fake bunny friend. Is Harvey as soft as he looks?
  19. Angie

    My little love

    He looks stately to me. Very serious is how his face looks to me. (I just like looking at bunnies, I've never had one).
  20. Angie

    Meet Chloe my rescue rabbit

    You sound like a good bunny mom. She's very pretty.