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    Excessive amount of fur in hutch, help

    When I got my first rabbit from my friend we all thought it was a she until I realized that it looked more like a male and took it to a vet. Sometimes if the rabbit is taken to the vet at a young age it will be sexed wrong, so I would double check on the sex. Also I have 2 girls that I thought...
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    What's your bunny's name?

    I have a dwarf lion head/Californian mix named Red, also have a californian named salt and a siver fox rabbit named pepper
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    Cat batted at rabbit; how to look for injury?

    You may want to shave fur off her head to check it out better, but she probably won't tolerate it. A safe 'medicine' to use to disinfect scratches is Colloidal Silver, basically water with silver added (research will explain better). You can just spray some on her head and it'll do its stuff.
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    Favorite Bunny toys

    My rabbit had a cardboard tube that he could fit through and loved to chew on. It looked like a rocket body tube.
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    Getting a dog

    I would slowly introduce them together. I use to have a dog that loved playing with my rabbit and chasing each other around the yard and they seemed fine. I suggest you put the dog in a cage and let the rabbits have the option of checking the dog out. Since the rabbits lived with dogs before I...
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    Black bump on forehead

    One of my rabbits had a bump on her head that developed into a horn, and it went away after around a week. However she had been attacked by a dog that caused her eye to become infected with puss that probably caused a tumor in her head. I would take your rabbit to the vet.
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    Help me new owner

    If he has ear mites there's a home remedy of olive oil, just put a few drops in his ears. It is normal if he tries to shake his heads or starts grooming himself after, also his hair will appear yellow from the olive oil and he may get a funky hairdue afterwards. The olive oil will pretty much...
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    Californian's markings changing?

    Californians are like a Siamese cat with the markings. The reason why their ears and nose turn dark during the winter is because black attracts sunlight, and in the summer the color changes to white because white reflects sunlight. It's just their natural way of maintaining a cool/warm...