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  1. wordstoasong

    Introducing the newest rabbit

    Hello everyone! Please let me first say, there is an app for Rabbits Online?! Woo hoo! Already added to the iPhone lol Please let me introduce my newest rabbit, Bluebell. He is an older male rabbit, I'm thinking maybe a year or two old. He was found at a local dock area in town, where my older...
  2. wordstoasong

    Rest in Peace; Fiver, Starlight and Walter <3

    Fiver (oldest baby of Starlight and Walter, 4 months): Fiver passed away at my house one morning this past week. <3 Starlight (5 years?) & Walter (age unknown): Starlight and Walter were huddling together this early afternoon when I first checked on them. About an hour later, as I was cleaning...
  3. wordstoasong

    Welcome to the world, my six new babies!

    Hello everyone, it is I, Starlight. My silly owners did not know I was a girl today. My new partner, Wannita was thought to be a girl as well, but really a boy. He and I have welcomed our first ever babies together into the world. There are six little cuties, all doing well. Surely gave my owner...
  4. wordstoasong

    Baby Isabelle!

    SnowyShiloh wrote: Thanks, the white pup with brown on its head (named Yao) will be staying with us. He is the runt, and I do have a picture of the two sleeping together on a pillow. The dad is a German Shep/Collie/Lab/Retriver and the mom is a german shep cross.
  5. wordstoasong

    Baby Isabelle!

    LindyS wrote: LOL, can say that. I was blamed for the "pregnancy fever" in the house.
  6. wordstoasong

    Baby Isabelle!

    Hey everyone! I had my baby! Baby Surprise was a girl! Isabelle Mary Jade! Born March 29th, 2 weeks early! Shameless show off! :P Baskets of babies! March 19th, 7 puppies. March 29th, baby girl April 4th, 4 guinea pigs (not pictured) Tigger Baby! Professional Shot. Cheers everyone!
  7. wordstoasong

    6 Weeks Pregnant at 17 Years Old

    kirstin wrote: I just noticed you're in the states, and I'm in Canada, so I'm guessing its different. Sorry about that! But I wish you the best in finding a good supportive choice.
  8. wordstoasong

    Thought I'd resurrect the RO pregnancy thread

    My 34 Week belly as of today (Feb. 26). Can't wait until April 9th (hopefully!). Cheers everyone!
  9. wordstoasong

    How many pets do you have?

    Here is my list of pets!!! 2 horses (mine) 3 dogs (one mine) 3 cats 5 goldfish 5 guinea pigs 1 rabbit (mine) Yup, that's about it. Also getting another dog, which will be shared with my BF and I. :)
  10. wordstoasong

    6 Weeks Pregnant at 17 Years Old

    Hey Kristen, just read this now. I am 34 weeks along with my first, and my BF is in the army himself (went Reg Force just last April). When our little surprise came up, we were in such a tight spot, it was very hard on us, we didn't know what to do. Our apartment at the time was moldy, and I...
  11. wordstoasong

    Thought I'd resurrect the RO pregnancy thread

    Hey, just noticed this thread when i was going to dig for mine! Maybe I'll just post here. So we are at 20 weeks to date. Checkup this Wednesday, and Friday is our ultra sound to see what we are having! I have been having alot of stress lately, just crazy relationship stuff and all that...
  12. wordstoasong

    Introducing...my new ride! :P

    Congrats on your "new ride"! Totally awesome! I got my 2nd this October 2nd. Now I have two "rides". And boy, he is a beautiful boy! And love his name!
  13. wordstoasong

    1+1=2 exciting news!

    AquaticRex wrote: Yuppers! Isabelle Mary Jade or Dominic Harvey Brandt. Can anyone guess where Harvey comes from? Hehe.
  14. wordstoasong

    1+1=2 exciting news!

    Thank you everyone! We are heading into month four now, only a couple more to go left. I'm defiently looking forward to telling Baby Surprise stories like Little Bunny Foo Foo. Would also love another future rabbit lover in the household. And don't worry! Pictures will come!
  15. wordstoasong

    1+1=2 exciting news!

    Hello everyone! My apologies for not being here often. I would like to say that Starlight is happily making a mess of his winter home right now. He loves flipping that house over! I would like to share some exciting news with you guys. My longtimeboyfriend and I are expecting. Yup, we...
  16. wordstoasong

    Sharing some news!

    Hello everyone! Sorry for the random pop ups and sudden poofs! I have some news to share for you. Starlight's leg is perfectly fine. I had him indoord for the time I noticed his leg looking strange and went thru a million websites. I bedded down his outdoor cage nice and fluffy and he is...
  17. wordstoasong

    Starlight : twisted hock?

    lol Misty. And thanks Claire. Right now he seems to be relaxing,everything looks normal. I'm keeping him indoors right now to keep a close eye on him. Bringing him into the vet in the morning. Here's to hoping for the best.
  18. wordstoasong

    Starlight : twisted hock?

    Misty: No, his leg does not look like that, its more under him. Dawn: Thanks for the suggestion! And for your previous question, yeah he does have hay.
  19. wordstoasong

    Custom Bunny Cartoons/Pictures!

    Bunnycat wrote Oh thank you! Still cute, no matter what!
  20. wordstoasong

    Starlight : twisted hock?

    Thanks Dawn. I will be taking him to the vet ASAP. Upon another closer look into his leg, it may have been broken. Is there anything I can do to help his leg at the moment?