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    LMRR DOH inspection #1 results

    I_heart_Fraggles wrote: lol, I try to stay on topic, but it's not a topic some like to discuss. K
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    LMRR DOH inspection #1 results

    kmaben wrote: Missed you big time too. Jake is doing very well. Thanks so much for thinking of him and asking. How's your big bunny and your very dominate lady doing? K
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    LMRR DOH inspection #1 results

    graceofangels wrote: Thanks. Harry Potter is very close to my heart. Very special meaning. K
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    LMRR DOH inspection #1 results

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, just dropped in to see the condition my condition was in. Gee, I got blocked for less, lol. Have a nice day. K
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    agnesthelion wrote: Thanks Lisa, appreciate the compliment. We have been working on this plan to bring Rubeus in the Z-Tribe all week. With this set up, we have the opportunity to switch around crates so that the Tribe has different scenery. Always good for mental stimulation that a bunny...
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    Is this cage ok ?

    I respectfully disagree with you on this one. I have crates that I can access from the top. My bunnies never get upset regarding that. Matter of fact they greet me each time. In the wild, they can be swooped up. But I don't see any predators in my house. Or in my bunny run. Regarding traction...
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    Rabbit Fertilizer

    Bunny poo is excellent for gardens. Just make sure if your bunny is on any medication, that the poo doesn't get into your garden. I had to separate Neville's from the others because he was on Baytril. I always compost it first. I never use it direct. It's tough to get the wheat out in the...
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    Running Away

    kagerod wrote: It does get better in time. My bunnies know when I say "It's time" it's time. Took awhile but they do catch on. Bunnies are very intelligent. Just takes time and patience. It will work. K
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    Weird fur...thing?

    I've never seen that on any of my bunnies. So here's an article that explains different things regarding fur. Hope this helps. Wishing you luck with your bunny. http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/furloss.html K
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    Baby has one lop ear?

    love.the.bunnies wrote: I call them wonky ears because they are so cute too. I hope one of the breeders can give you some information on this. My genetics has shown me that anything is possible and it depends how long the genetic line is. Anything can pop up. They are doing so much research on...
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    Baby has one lop ear?

    Wish I could help. No lop eared bunnies here. Hoping someone who has experience with this will chime in. K
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    Is this cage ok ?

    Excuse me?  What solid information are you stating.  From the Rabbit Society, Rescue Groups?  Sorry, with what I've read here about how some of these rescue groups handle business is appalling and in some cases inhumane.   Who's actually watching them?  I guess it's better to talk acreage...
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    Junie's Going Away

    mdith4him wrote: Alright Junie and the new bunny coming home! Good for you! BTW, when he gets home, will he get a name? Can't wait to hear what it is. He's such a handsome guy. Love his broken black coloring. More pics please. Or I'll just pop over to your blog and see. K
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    Sweat-leaf Anthony

    candykittten wrote: Happy Birthday Anthony from the Z-Tribe. It's really hard to tell the age of a bunny. You really have to have a lot of experience to do it. Even Vets have a hard time. I found this Q&A from someone asking the same question you do...
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    MagPie wrote: If all goes well, that crate will just be where he sleeps and eats/drinks, poops and pees. He will probably have the run of the house. But as I don't have a crystal ball, I don't know if that route will work. If not, another bigger crate is in the works. Because we do still have...
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    cwolfec wrote: Definitely agree with Carrie. No need to mess with them. K
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    Is this cage ok ?

    BTW, I have a hutch too. K
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    Is this cage ok ?

    Again no misinformation from me.  Go to my blog.  I show experience.  And this is not directed to the OP who did provide good shelter for their rabbits. 
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    Wow, really glad I had a Man with his priority straight when I married him. His mother raised him well. No dorks or Male PMS. 21 years and still counting. Hope it all settles down for you. K
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    GI stasis? =(

    I would tell the Vet exactly what she usually eats and how much she's not eating now. If she's lethargic, or if she's hunched, belly pressed to the floor (signs of gas). Tell the Vet why you feel, because you know, she's not just herself. Also tell the Vet, or I would bring some of her poo with...