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  1. Gelly

    Remy is acting off- strange symptoms. Panicking.

    Sorry typo- pooping. We brought him to the vet. Just dropped him off. Hopefully this will be nothing but I wanted him monitored overnight. Why am I so neurotic. This is going to cost $$$ :(
  2. Gelly

    Remy is acting off- strange symptoms. Panicking.

    Haven’t been on the forum for a little while so hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. Remy is having some strange symptoms. He seemed fine today. But this evening, he began flopping and pooping where he was flopped. He seems a little lethargic and is randomly flopping in places he hasn’t...
  3. Gelly

    How are his hocks looking? (Photo)

    Aww thanks!! Yup, he’s a youngster. Only 1 years old. Very active little guy especially because we’re home now so we keep his pen open the whole day.
  4. Gelly

    How are his hocks looking? (Photo)

    We’ve tried it all. We used to have fleece but switched it for a vinyl mat over layers of fleece bc we were advised that the fleece might be doing it. We have synthetic carpet in the room he roams in and wood in the rest of the apartment. He doesn’t often venture out of the living room but when...
  5. Gelly

    How are his hocks looking? (Photo)

    Oh! I thought I attached a picture! Silly me
  6. Gelly

    How are his hocks looking? (Photo)

    I noticed today that Remy's hocks are looming more sore than usual. He is prone to sore hocks (Mini rex) and we monitor them. We had him watched at a friend this weekend but when I picked him up and brought him home, I noticed them when he flopped. Should I be overly concerned? My vet has been...
  7. Gelly

    Hay in the litter box vs. Out of the litter box

    I’d like to hear everyone’s experiences/opinions about keeping hay either in a bun’s litter box or separate. I’m under the impression that most people put hay in the litter box but I’ve recently been hearing success putting it out of it. My bunny pees on his hay and ends up not eating it when...
  8. Gelly

    Need tips on raising a baby bunny asap!!

    After reading this thread, I really want to address something. Breeding without access to a rabbit savvy vet seems a bit irresponsible. When our bunny was acting off, the first thing the vet did is run a series of tests. This can get pricey but in order to find an internal problem in any...
  9. Gelly

    Rabbit flooring

    I use a layer of vinyl that I got from a fabric store with a layer of fleece. This set up is temporary for me though since my bunny is prone to sore hocks and this flooring is not soft enough for him. But if that’s not an issue, vinyl fabric is really good and easy to clean. I get mine from...
  10. Gelly

    Homemade hay cakes/cubes

    You can make treats by maybe using banana, oats, the hay and then baking it. I was literally just researching this. Try Pinterest. They have so many recipes for homemade bunny treats using the hay leftovers.
  11. Gelly

    I forgot to put water in his pen overnight...

    Very smart! I’m usually really good about this though. I’ve never ever forgotten. Hopefully this will be a one time thing
  12. Gelly

    I forgot to put water in his pen overnight...

    I feel so guilty. We went away for the weekend and when we got to our destination (after a 2 hour drive), I set up Remy’s travel pen. It was 1 AM and I was super tired and forgot to put a water bowl in. I only noticed at around 9 AM the next day. That means he went almost 12 hours without water...
  13. Gelly

    My bunnies mated secretly!

    This seems to be a common issue on this forum. Obviously what’s done is done and I believe you’re taking the proper steps. For the future, I think everyone should accept the fact that an unneutered buck and doe living under the same roof may just find their way to each other lol.
  14. Gelly

    Rabbit spay booked, super nervous mum!

    Aww! What a cutie! If you look back at my really early threads, I probably had about 4 panic attacks before my bun got neutered. I’m neurotic so it makes sense. As long as you have a vet that tells you your bunny should be eating before surgery, is rabbit savvy, and good resources for...
  15. Gelly

    Waterproof Puzzle Mats (need flooring ideas)

    found this video. im going to try something along these lines. I'm a sucker for nice decorating so I try to keep the enclosure as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
  16. Gelly

    Where to buy wholesale/cheap material for making rabbit toys

    I think I'm going to go the route of the grass and chew mats. I'm in middle of a pen remodel. Trying out new flooring, larger space. Successful toys for my rabbit have been willow balls, applewood sticks (LOVES), baby cups and keys, balsa blocks, cardboard (but only when we hold it so there's...
  17. Gelly

    Waterproof Puzzle Mats (need flooring ideas)

    So that’s kinda what I’ve been doing but minus the shower curtain. I was thinking to get an outdoor picnic mat (like those thin thin plastic mats similar to a shower curtain only cheaper). But I really want to make the changing and cleaning process even simpler. Remy I’m sure gets stressed when...
  18. Gelly

    Waterproof Puzzle Mats (need flooring ideas)

    Looking for interlocking puzzle mats that are waterproof. We’re in the process of trying out new flooring solutions for Remy and we’re in the process of re-litter-training him. I need relatively soft flooring that’s easy to clean. Currently, I’m putting a load of fleece and yoga mats in the...
  19. Gelly

    Wet bum

    So our vets are really sweet and they saw him for no charge. Dr. said he could be stressed since were always home or possibly change in weather... he also said it could be something more. He told me there’s really no need to do invasive testing anymore since he’s eating and pooping. They wanted...
  20. Gelly

    Wet bum

    @zuppa @Blue eyes i know it’s probably stressing him out even more but I decided to bring him in to see the vet. They just took him inside. They were able to squeeze me in for an appointment today or I would’ve had to wait until next week. As @zuppa already knows, I’m an extremely anxious person...