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  1. KittyKatMe

    New relationship

    I've never ever been in a RS with anyone lol so I can't relate to you there... But congrats!! Hopefully he's a bunny lover too!
  2. KittyKatMe

    I'm Confuzled

    At pet competitions, the judge on temperament, health, and cleanliness and there are different classes for age groups of the rabbits.
  3. KittyKatMe

    I'm Confuzled

    Yes! That would be so fun. Are there crossbreed shows everywhere? Here most of them are breed specialty (mostly Mini Rex and Holland Lop).
  4. KittyKatMe

    I'm Confuzled

    Yes, but he's still bigger than that. I think he's a mix with something else medium sized. I can't see the marten either!
  5. KittyKatMe

    How do these bunnies look? (For show)

    Well, good news!!! My friend just picked up a REW Senior Holland Lop buck and a black Senior doe. Yay!!! She got them from a herd reduction and they are, from what I can tell, great show prospects. But I forgot to take pictures!!:headsmack: They're super sweet and friendly.
  6. KittyKatMe

    I'm Confuzled

    Martens grow to be VERY big, though. His fur is longer than normal and I think he is some kind of wool MIX.
  7. KittyKatMe

    Vet vs Internet...

    I think that if they are kept in VERY large cages and get 5 hrs MINUMUM inside daily, they should be fine. And only if you have really good weather (45-75ish). But, if you live in extreme heat, it could be fatal. My bunns can have MUCH more space outside then they ever could inside my house...
  8. KittyKatMe

    What breed is my bun?

    Yep I have a thread on it.
  9. KittyKatMe

    I'm Confuzled

    I still think he's a Jersey mix.
  10. KittyKatMe

    It's official!!

    Congrats!!!!! That's awesome!!
  11. KittyKatMe

    Cat and litter box

    Have you tried a different litter? We had the same problem with our girl who did that and I put a layer of cedar (it's fine for cats) and a layer of unscented litter. She used it instantly! But males often, especially with other cats in the home, will suddenly not go in their box and no one...
  12. KittyKatMe

    I'm Confuzled

    I think he might be a Jersey Wooly mix with something much bigger.
  13. KittyKatMe

    To keep or not to that's even a question. LOL

    Lol I always used to not have enough does. But Marcie is a cute name!
  14. KittyKatMe

    What brand of pellet do you feed your bun?

    Yes, but then again, it's lower on the list than the sugar in Bunny Basics T. Plus, the cranberry used does have antioxidants.
  15. KittyKatMe

    So confused!

    Why can't you move all the bunns inside? And why does Ruby need the big cage not Taz?
  16. KittyKatMe

    What brand of pellet do you feed your bun?

    About the free-feeding pellets.... Oxbow doesn't recommend that, they recommend 80% hay and veggies. That's why I like Oxbow and probably won't try Sherwood. But I use Organic which has 0 sugar or molasses and less calcium than Sherwood. I highly recommend it.
  17. KittyKatMe

    Messy Bunny Ignoring Potty

    Yes, hay is the most important component in a rabbit's diet.
  18. KittyKatMe

    A Ridiculous Purchase

    I remember I was so mad when they discontinued the cake and frosting mixes at Trader Joe's, I bought 17 boxes of cake mix and 22 boxes of frosting mix! It was my favorite so I bought it all.
  19. KittyKatMe


    I love that site! One time my mom texted "we need to hire a sitter" but it autocorrected to "we need to hide a sipper"
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