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  1. mochajoe

    Transporting Bunnies

    We are transporting a barnyard...two horses, 5 Nigerian Dwarf goats, 15 chickens (they are pets and can't be left behind), 3 rats, a dog and 4 children!!! I am going to get a sign for my horse trailer that says Burkes Traveling Barnyard...LOL Thank you for the suggestions!
  2. mochajoe

    Transporting Bunnies

    Hi All, I am posting this here as you all have the most experience transporting bunnies. At som point in the very near future, we will be leaving New Hampshire and moving to Ohio, at least an 800 mile ride! Our animals, all of them, are moving with us! This includes our 6 bunnies! I would like...
  3. mochajoe

    HELP??? Part two

    ***UPDATE***We are NOT having Cheerios put down, we are keeping him! It is not going to be easy, but I just couldn't do it! He is a beautiful, healthy bunny, and most of all, despite his behaviors, we LOVE him!!! There are times, when love does win in the end!!! :) Thank you to everyone who...
  4. mochajoe

    Need help...traveling with bunnies...

    I figured since many breeders travel to shows, some great distances, like the National Show, with their bunnies, this would be the best place to post this. We are selling our house and will be moving and very likely from NH to OH, several hundred miles. What is the best, safest way to travel...
  5. mochajoe

    HELP??? Part two

    Thank you all for your support and is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately, short of rehoming him or having someone come to our house, we have tried everything! Vet to rule out medical, pain medication to rule out pain, the "alpha bunny" strategies, consulting with two vets, two...
  6. mochajoe

    HELP??? Part two

    I posted about our bunny with behavior issues a few weeks ago...after several months of trying to deal with his behavior, asking all of you for help, consulting 2 bunny savvy vets, and 2 bunny experts and with NO SUCCESS, we decided to take the "he is who he is" advice...not forcing him to do...
  7. mochajoe

    Litter question

    I have used Equine Stall Pellets for years and I LOVE them!!! They work for my 1100 pound horse...and they work for my 3-6 pound bunnies! I change the boxes every day, every couple of days with no issues. I have no idea where the "gooey" comes from??? I love pellets and there a re LOTS of others...
  8. mochajoe

    Do rabbits need bedding?

    I do not have bedding in my bunnies' cages. What I have done with all my bunnies, I have given them a litter box and that's it. You will find out pretty quickly which corner they prefer and put the litter box there...I know lots of people who put their hay in the litter box...I have never done...
  9. mochajoe

    urgent advice needed - shedding dry skin

    The best and safest treatment for bunnies is Revolution!!! A few years ago a couple of our bunnies got mites from the shavings I used ONE time when I ran out of my usual ones :( my vet, who is very bunny savvy, treated them with Revolution.
  10. mochajoe


    Something could have happened at the vet clinic...however, my "second" mom just retired after working there for almost 20 years ...and 3 of the vet techs who are still there have worked there even longer...I have known for all these years...and two of the vets are very bunny of whom...
  11. mochajoe


    We had racked our brains about anything that had changed...had thought of shampoo, soap detergent, horse fly spray...none of those things have changed...had NOT thought of hormones with Eliana...she has had her period for two years...but I wonder if that is part of the equation with Cheerios. I...
  12. mochajoe


    Thank you for your help as well! We have put him in a different cage...not a different room, but a different location in that room...have also thought about what my daughter is wearing. Sheis 100% perfume or make up change in shampoo, deodorant or laundry detergent...have...
  13. mochajoe


    I agree with what you are saying...however, the other part of the "problem" is that we have not figured out what his personality is....almost like Dr Jeckyl and Mr time he is fine being held and will sit and cuddle with her and be sweet...the next time, he is spazzy, jumpy and will...
  14. mochajoe

    Spay for an older rabbit?

    Having lost a bunny to testicular cancer (my daughter's male show bunny)...he was a GEM of a bunny despite being an intact male..he was older and I didn't want to subject him to surgery...since we lost him last fall...I live with the guilt...if only I had had him neutered...we would still have...
  15. mochajoe


    Thank you both for your suggestions...Cheerios has NEVER bitten my daughter or anyone while reaching in his cage or putting a hand in his face for the matter. His biting is on her chest, on her arm, her leg while holding him. I have watched them together a LOT, racking my brain try to see if...
  16. mochajoe


    Thank you for your suggestions...unfortunately we have already tried ALL of the things you have mentioned. I have read everything I can get my hands on in the past few months since he was neutered. We are currently ruling out "pain" as we have a couple more days of pain medicine...unfortunately...
  17. mochajoe


    So we are on day 5 of pain medication, per recommendation of our significant change in Cheerios behavior (huge sad face and big sigh...) I would LOVE any suggestions or thoughts as to what you all would do if you were in my situation?? Just waiting to hear back from our other bunny...
  18. mochajoe


    Just like most things in life, there are exceptions to everything! My daughter's show bunny was an exception and her current bunny is also and exception! Carrot, her show bunny was raised in the house, NEVER sprayed, and was the most meticulous litter box using bunny EVER! He rarely humped and...
  19. mochajoe

    Litterbox Woes

    Is he neutered? Is the litter box big enough? Is it a corner litter box? If it is a corner, I would try angling it so it blocks the corners on one end...put food dishes/something to block the other corners and keep everything else out of the cage (loose hay) and see if that works? I have had...
  20. mochajoe

    Bonding Oreo?

    Even though they are young, I would wait until after they are neutered to introduce them...we have two who got along fine (not litter mates) before spay/neuter and afterwards do not get along. They were spayed/neutered the same day, allowed to recuperate, and then reintroduced. They will not...
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