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  1. pocketsizedrhino


    I am remodeling my pen right now and am searching for more flooring options. I currently have two pieces of 2' x 4' hardboard (like really solid cardboard) covered in sticky-backed linoleum tiles and I over lap them a few inches to give her an area that is 4' x 4' and there is also an old 4' x...
  2. pocketsizedrhino

    Antler chew toys?

    I don't think it seems right for a herbivore to chew on something filled with protein rich bone marrow. Someone also made a good point about possibly being high in calcium--too much calcium can do some damage. I would stick with wood chews.
  3. pocketsizedrhino

    Amy's cats, rabbits, etc!

    I always wince when I think about possibly moving with my crew (three rats, one bun, two tanks, plus Tyler's tank and cat)... We don't have active plans to move but who knows where he will get a job after college. I can't imagine the stress of trying to think about how to move everyone! You're...
  4. pocketsizedrhino

    what brand pellets to u feed ur buns?

    I feed Oxbow T but I only have one bun.
  5. pocketsizedrhino

    cat food

    You need to keep the cat food out of reach at absolutely all times. Rabbits are strictly herbivores--that means no animal proteins. Such a spike in protein could cause some serious life threatening G.I. tract upset. Cats and rabbits have nearly opposite nutritional needs.
  6. pocketsizedrhino

    Bonding with other pets

    Oh and just to add, I am not positive but I am pretty sure undergunfire keeps her rats and rabbits separate as well.
  7. pocketsizedrhino

    Bonding with other pets

    I have both rats (4) and a rabbit and I would never feel comfortable with them interacting. I really don't have any tips for you, I just wanted to offer my opinion. The rats are just so much smaller.. my biggest male is about 1.25lbs and my bun is 7-8lbs. All it takes is a little hop/kick in...
  8. pocketsizedrhino

    Timothy or Alfalfa Pellets? Show or Complete Chow?

    My girl eats oxbow T and her coat (rex) looks great on it. I would worry about calcium levels too much to continue feeding alfalfa after 6 months. Good luck with your showing. :)
  9. pocketsizedrhino

    A shaved puppy..

    awww... hahahhahaha. Does he have allergies or something?
  10. pocketsizedrhino

    She loves me!

    It has been hard to tell whether Kirby loves ME or FOOD! I've read a few of the articles on RO about how you can tell your bunny is bonded to you but it is so hard to tell with them. I still have trouble reading Kirby's emotions after almost a year. This morning I leaned down into her pen...
  11. pocketsizedrhino

    Recommendation for "pocket" camera

    I love the Canon Elph series. My old faithful camera is a Canon SD600. It is still doing great after 3.5 years and my sister is borrowing it while studying abroad in Italy right now. They have a higher and lower end models, some with more features than others. I was standing behind a guy at a...
  12. pocketsizedrhino

    What a lovely thing to wake up to

    How scary! Glad the baby is okay. Is there a way to make them 100% inaccessible to the dog?
  13. pocketsizedrhino

    New Athena Pictures :)

    Oh my gosh she has the most amazing BIG eye facial expressions!! And I love that crooked smile. :) You're making me want a babyyyy. :P I may have asked you this before, but what kind of camera took these?
  14. pocketsizedrhino

    Is relocation stress normal for a bunny

    Cecals kind of look like blackberries. They are a very shiny dark poop that looks different than regular poop. They can be single or clumped together.
  15. pocketsizedrhino

    I'm so FED UP of this place- I can't stand it any more!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh I am sorry you're having such a terrible time with other people there. :( Some people never learned respect and personal space when they grew up. I know I am much more considerate than a lot of people and you sound the same. It is really frustrating when other people don't play by the same...
  16. pocketsizedrhino

    Breakfast is Tired of Being Left Out!

    What a handsome bunny. :) Thanks for posting pictures!
  17. pocketsizedrhino

    Princess Kirby's Palace

    Kirby has learned that she can jump in the hay bin when I fill up her hay rack. *chuckle*
  18. pocketsizedrhino

    How is this legal?

    If you're interested.... I submitted a "tip" to this website: Let them know you want someone going out there that morning to stop what they're trying to do. It is against their city ordinances and it is the KY law enforcement's job to take action.
  19. pocketsizedrhino

    How is this legal?

    Well, I emailed them to ask if they had a proper permit to sell animals... There are TONS of regulations you must adhere to in order to sell any animals. I also copy and pasted those two KY laws that I found and ended the email telling them to watch out. ;) Can you imagine being charged...
  20. pocketsizedrhino

    How is this legal?

    It probably isn't. Read through this and you can pin a few things on them. I believe it is unlawful to sell any animals without some sort of permit. "(e) Sale of animals prohibited, except by licensed business: It shall...
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