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  1. Violet23

    9-11 ten years later

    I was in Grade 7 in school that morning, my teacher for first class came in and told us the news. we were all young kids, it didnt really register with most of us. i cant remember but i think the rest of the day continued on as normal, but when i got home everyone was in front of the tv. i...
  2. Violet23

    Awhhh, I think Peter is Jealous :(

    neutering would be the best thing to do, get all those territorial hormones out of his system = happier bunny :)
  3. Violet23

    I don't know how to subject this but read it for a good laugh.

    Awww poor Fraggles, that is just too funny, lol
  4. Violet23

    This is so cute...

    That is too cute and cool!
  5. Violet23

    Some NON-furry scaley beasties (Caution to the scardey cats)

    Awww, they're all adorable! My bf has his little normal ball python, Charlie, who's about 1.5 years old already (feels like we got him not that long ago, he had the tiniest little head and cutest little eyes *squeee!*)
  6. Violet23

    My Debs (Prom)

    Beautiful dress! I cant believe I graduated so long ago already, I feel old! (im 22, so im being dramatic, lol :P)
  7. Violet23

    Tibetan Sky Burial Vs Ground burial/Cremation

    Im of the same opinion as most of you here, I plan on donating my organs when I die, but I wouldnt mind doing this Tibetan sky burial thing, makes sense to me. If I can give back to nature in a final way of sorts i would like to. I also believe that when we die our bodies are just empty vessels...
  8. Violet23

    When I think of Appalachia I think of...

    I think of mountains when I hear it
  9. Violet23

    Ghost is at the vet

    How's she doing? Any progress?
  10. Violet23

    Big Bertha relaxing in her new home

    That is the biggest dewlap I have ever seen! Is there a spot on the forum for giant dewlaps? A contest maybe? I think she would win paws down, lol. It looks like she's going to spawn little fuzzy somethings from her dewlap any minute now, seriously :P
  11. Violet23

    Anxious about my bunny

    I understand your constant fear too. My bun Martie has bouts with stasis too cause he grooms himself and Jezzabelle so much. Im trying to keep on top of their shedding problem, but there's just so much hair and it worries me constantly
  12. Violet23

    The most adorable fluff balls ever!

    OMG I want!!! So stinking cute its criminal, lol
  13. Violet23

    Cat adopts Bunny!

    That is so adorable! :)
  14. Violet23

    I passed my driving test!

    Congratz! You'll be an awesome confident driver in no time, just you wait :)
  15. Violet23

    Shattered cartilage??

    I did the same thing as lots of you guys here, only probably (definately) was my first peircing since my ear lobes when i was 4, so thats my excuse! lol, i got mine done at an Ardenes with a gun, didnt expect them to actually do it, but i was 14, so i was just happy they would...
  16. Violet23

    RESOLVED: Six week old rabbit needs a home...

    Awwww!!!! I want da baby bunneh! but i have too many pets already, lol, and i wouldnt want him to have to travel. hopefully a good local family will take him :)
  17. Violet23

    Escape Artist

    wait and see, he may find a way yet, they're creative like that, lol
  18. Violet23

    My rescue is a unbelievable jumper

    Awww, I need to see if I can get one of mine to bond to me like that, instead of where they are now which is totally bonded to each other... im just the slave, *sigh* lol
  19. Violet23

    Watermelon lime spritzers

    So how did the strawberries in the drink end up tasting like?Im dying to try out the recipe but need to have someone else be the guinea pig, lol
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