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  1. MiniLopMad

    Is there anything organic you can spray on hay.

    You could change the hay or mix it, to see what your bun likes :) One thing my vet suggested for one of my bunnies who didn't eat his hay was to sprinkle some Critical Care onto it. I don't know if it will work for you, but it worked for my bun :D He's a Critical Care addict
  2. MiniLopMad

    Raven and Sterling!

    So cute :D
  3. MiniLopMad

    Training Tips?

    I use a clicker when training some of my rabbits, with fresh veggies, oxbow treats or fruit as the reward :) Sometimes I'll use my voice instead of the clicker. I aim to keep training sessions short and fun, so that the rabbit maintains interest and doesn't get stressed. I always try to end on...
  4. MiniLopMad

    Running Around On Vet's Floor

    If the vet clinic maintains a high level of hygiene, the floor should be fine. If you're worried, just keep a close eye on your bun :)
  5. MiniLopMad

    Meet Mr. Mango

    Hi everybun! My name is Mango and I am very lucky to be alive at this moment. Around a week ago, my old family dumped me at a vet clinic and told them I was a "stray". I wasn't a stray, but I didn't have a microchip or proof of any other family :( After a few days in the clinic, I heard one...
  6. MiniLopMad

    May ROTM entries

    This is little baby Celeste :D She's such a sweet little bun and loves grass. Unlike my other bunnies, she's a hay addict - not a pellet addict! She's very loving to everyone she meets and gives everyone kisses :)
  7. MiniLopMad

    Possible Emergency--sudden loss of legs

    Hope all goes well for the little bun, keep us updated it possible! :)
  8. MiniLopMad

    Show quality

    We don't have Lionheads here in Australia and I don't have much knowledge on how they should look. As said above, a posed photo will help those who know what a show quality LH should look like, so that they can give you a better opinion :)
  9. MiniLopMad

    Is microchipping safe for rabbits?

    I know someone here in Sydney who microchips rabbits and I've seen pounds and rescues hold discount micro-chipping days for rabbits and ferrets, so I assume that it's safe. The only thing I would worry about is pain... I'm not too sure how that would work. My vet put off the micro-chipping of...
  10. MiniLopMad

    Super Excited - Needing Idea's

    So, ever since I've had rabbits (3+ years), I've always wanted to have a pair of house bunnies. I finally have the chance to do so. The other day, I was introduced to a litter of bunnies rescued from an abusive situation. I fell in love with a little girl who was just so shy and sweet. I...
  11. MiniLopMad

    Can 2 unspayed female live happily together?

    I personally wouldn't risk it, especially because the girls are unspayed. Rabbits can get into nasty fights and it would suck to break the bond that your boy and girl already have. It's really up to you though, and how you think your rabbits would act. If possible, you could place their cages...
  12. MiniLopMad

    Rabbit litter box grid cleaning?

    I use a 50:50 mix of warm water and white vinegar. It works great and it does smell but it's never bothered the bunnies or I and it seems to fade pretty quick. I also use F10 (a disinfectant) - it just depends on what I have at what times and how dirty the litter box is :)
  13. MiniLopMad

    Is this safe to use as litter?

    I believe that it's safe :)
  14. MiniLopMad

    bought my bun a new water bottle...but he's not drinking from it

    Majority of my rabbits drink from bottles (safer on got days as they cannot tip the water over or fill it with stuff). How long ago did you get it for your bun before you made the post? I'd say give your bunny 24 hours and if it hadn't had anything to drink or shown interest in the bottle...
  15. MiniLopMad

    Rabbits wont exercise

    You could try providing more toys and figure out what they enjoy :) Once you've determined what they like, you can use that to your advantage and get them active again. If they love their food, try hiding some treats in toys and make it an exciting and hard but rewarding challenge for them to...
  16. MiniLopMad

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    Star ❤️ Celeste ❤️ Sonic ❤️
  17. MiniLopMad

    Is it okay to keep Simba the bathroom...

    Sounds pretty good :) You've probably also thought of this, but possibly lay some mats down onto the floor, so that he isn't on tiles all the time.
  18. MiniLopMad

    I think my rabbit is pregnant what do you think?

    It's also important to consider that that may be her normal weight. You haven't had her for very long, so it's hard to be able to accurately say what her healthy/ normal weight is. Some girls look super fat and aren't even pregnant. Hopefully she isn't, keep us updated! :)
  19. MiniLopMad

    I think my rabbit is pregnant what do you think?

    You won't be able to tell from photos. Even if does do get bigger during pregnancy, it usually happens much later on. If you want a sure check, why don't you go to the vet and gets tests done? That might make the wait less frustrating for you.
  20. MiniLopMad

    Myxomatosis and VHD combined vaccine.

    To my understanding, no. I think I read somewhere that the myxo vaccine is live and the calici vaccine is killed :)
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