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  1. Linda123

    Waterproof and chew-proof flooring?

    Want to share my story he is neutered. He never peed outside of the liter box. I decided to move him from one area to another. He had chewed up his long colorful cat tunnel so I took it out to sew. He started peeing on the floor which always had a blanket down. Not understanding his behavior I...
  2. Linda123

    Recommendations for flooring that reduces clean-up, and is more comfortable for bunnies?

    Thumper is 6 months old an has been using liter box. The flooring in his fenced area I use a large fleese blanket an old tee shirts in his open cage area. I read somewhere that their feet should not be on slippery floor I'm lucky he doesn't chew any of his bedding so it works well as long as he...
  3. Linda123

    How much does a vet visit & spay/neuter cost for a Rabbit?

    Blood work? The vet I used didnt even do a Check up. He never saw my rabbit before I just called up and they said yeah we do it bring him in I dropped him off pick him up that afternoon it's a wonder he didn't kill my rabbit though I'll never go back to that vet. Thumper got a ear infection...
  4. Linda123

    How much does a vet visit & spay/neuter cost for a Rabbit?

    Male cost me 180$ that included pain meds out the door price. But I do not go to that vet anymore I'm just lucky the vet didnt kill my rabbit.
  5. Linda123

    Head Tilt

    My little Thumper is still under doctors care with ear infection. Its been a month. His head was tilted I took him immediately to the vet he give him a shot Medicine by mouth and ear I do everyday he quit tilting his head the next day but his Infected ear is still dropped like it's broken. Hes a...
  6. Linda123

    Head Tilt

  7. Linda123

    Will my rabbit start hating me if I try to cut his nails?

    This is my opinion an I am sure others will disagree. But I would never chance it it's not worth it if you got a loving bonding bunny like I do why chance it. If you do an you accidentally hurt him it's to late. I am very new at having a rabbit what I'm reading on this site some bunnies can...
  8. Linda123

    EAR infection

    He is 6 months old. Regular black an white Dutch. Everything I have read an seen his ears are suppose to be up. The one with the infection is the one completely dropped the other is standing straight up. When he showed first sign of infection his ear was down an his head was tilted I took him...
  9. Linda123

    EAR infection

    Please does anyone know if his ear is going to go back up???
  10. Linda123

    You won’t believe this!!!

    I buy those large 3 gallon jugs refill them at wall Mart for 29 cents per gallon I have the cooler machine it sits on top of to have fresh cold water 24 7 . I do use a water bottle for my bunny it has to be refilled every few days I'm sure he's getting enough water cuz he sure pees a lot. My dog...
  11. Linda123

    Cat toys for rabbits

    Following.... I was also wondering what toys can be bought like baby toys hard plastic ones. Maybe the good wills would have a good selection.
  12. Linda123

    EAR infection

    Its been almost a month Thumber has been rechecked by the vet twice an he has dug white crap/infection out of his ear both times. Every day he is still getting antibiotic in his ear and syringe in mouth. The vet said one more check up visit should do it. He's a Dutch rabbit ears are suppose to...
  13. Linda123

    Recommendations for flooring that reduces clean-up, and is more comfortable for bunnies?

    20190725_161803 by Linda123 posted Jul 25, 2019 at 4:45 PM20190725_161803 by Linda123 posted Jul 25, 2019 at 4:45 PM
  14. Linda123

    How much does a vet visit & spay/neuter cost for a Rabbit?

    I just paid $140. BUT before I left they ask me do I want a pain shot that will last for several days. I was shocked that the $140 didnt come with something for pain and they didnt tell me this before neutering him. I also ask them he just got his balls ripped out of him through surgery why...
  15. Linda123

    just a question about playing with my rabbit

    Play hold cuddle. Mine loves to be touched. Give him lots of attention. I also did not know rabbits were so loving and so much like a little puppy. Just be careful when you hold them and walk around hold them tight and snug they can spook and jump out of your arms.
  16. Linda123

    Traveling/Car ride with bunny - advice

    Waiting on someone to answer you for future knowledge.
  17. Linda123

    EAR infection

    Thanks for asking. Thumper is so much better. Although His ear is still dropped. He goes back for a recheck Monday. I don't like the vet but he's the only one around that will look at a rabbit. I don't know how he got an ear infection he's got it extremely clean area to live
  18. Linda123

    EAR infection

    One morning my little Thumper was great that afternoon went down hill just that fast. One ear drop head tilted to one side no energy hardly eating took forever to just eat lettuce. Took to vet it was an ear infection. He give ear drops antibiotic by mouth and a shot. Next morning although ear...
  19. Linda123

    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    I love your flooring. Was thinking of doing the same will they try to eat it? I am new to pet bunny hope his living area is ok. The cage stays open an connected to fence. Cage has water an liter box soft sheet to lay on. Food dish outside is for morning pellets an afternoon greens. Box has a bed...
  20. Linda123

    Why do rabbit owners get a bunny?

    I got my thumper at 3 months old he was very cuddly an couple months later still is. He's been neutered for a week now and still loveable healthy an very fun to watch.
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