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  1. SableSteel

    Color genetics discussion lionhead

    Both of those babies are black torts, and neither of them have ear lacing. Some black torts are just darker than the others. Here is an example of one of a very similar color (tort otter) except it has white inside the ears (which goes hand in hand with ear lacing) Not my picture but I forgot...
  2. SableSteel

    What breed is this black/white mix bunny?

    Not an english spot or checkered giant mix at all. That coloration is found in many, many breeds of rabbit. Looks like either or a Polish mix or a Netherland Dwarf mix to me. Not a pure netherland dwarf.
  3. SableSteel

    Color of my baby bunnies

    I see, from the updated pictures: Frosty, frosty, sable point (for the difference between sable point and frosty, look inside the ears - frosty has white inside the ears, sable point has solid ears), broken magpie, broken magpie (maybe broken blue magpie?), then idk the mostly white one, I'd...
  4. SableSteel

    Help!! Bunny needs identification!!!

    It's a mixed breed. The color is broken orange.
  5. SableSteel

    Color of my baby bunnies

    You should repost once they have more fur My guesses so far: 1: broken cream or broken blue tort 2: broken blue tort 3: broken orange or broken cream 4: frosty 5: sable point 6: magpie 7: can't tell much from that picture, maybe a frosty or a magpie 8: frosty But these are just guesses. We need...
  6. SableSteel

    Breeding Question

    What are your goals for breeding? It can be very difficult to sell pet rabbits, especially if they are not purebreds (there is a big over-saturation of the mixed breed pet rabbit market). If you are truly interested in breeding you might want to look into getting purebred rabbits with a...
  7. SableSteel

    Netherland Dwarf pairing options

    Chestnut x Blue Otter is likely to get more chestnuts. If the chestnut carries self or otter you might get Black Otter as well; if the chestnut carries dilute you might get Opal. If the chestnut carries both dilute and self/otter you might also get Blue Otter.
  8. SableSteel

    Need help! What breed is my bunny?!

    Doesn't look anything like a checkered giant to me. They are big, lean rabbits with thick bone; a very rare breed not really found in the pet trade or in mixed breed rabbits often. This spotted pattern is found in many breeds and it doesn't mean that your rabbit is part checkered giant or...
  9. SableSteel

    Gold Tipped Steel rabbit genotype

    The Es would have to come from the Mini Rex, as frosty can't carry steel (frosty is a non-extension color, so they're ee). Frosty is an agouti color though, so that's very likely where the "A" came from. Steel does exist in mini rex, but its not very common. Steel can hide in self rabbits, so...
  10. SableSteel

    What breed is my bunny?

    Thanks for the mention The color is "black tortoise" but this doesn't look like a purebred rabbit to me. It's hard to tell what mix rabbits are, as they all sort of tend to look like rabbit-shaped rabbits after a single generation (unlike dogs, where they keep a lot of the traits of the breeds...
  11. SableSteel

    Mini Rex with no Rex fur?

    I'd just say it was really poor rex fur... long, thin, protruding guard hairs. Rex fur is recessive so it can't be a normal coat
  12. SableSteel

    What Breed? Holland or Mini?

    That's a Holland Lop
  13. SableSteel

    How to get my rabbit to lose weight??

    When I say complete pellet based diet, I don't necessarily mean no hay. Some pellets are labelled as a 'complete diet', such as Purina, Manna Pro, etc. They have all the protein, energy, vitamins and everything that a rabbit needs. You can feed grass hay with them if you want to give your rabbit...
  14. SableSteel

    How to get my rabbit to lose weight??

    This is one of the many reasons I strongly prefer feeding a complete pellet-based diet; if a rabbit needs to lose or gain weight you can just increase or decrease the amount of pellets, without worrying about ratios of pellets to veggies to hay, etc. All my rabbits are at perfect weight with...
  15. SableSteel

    Does Rabbit Nest Box Require Hay?

    You do really need hay. The rabbits will often try to burrow or cover the rabbits with the nesting material, and if you only make it out of softer material, such as carefresh bedding, the nest can't hold its shape very well. I've tried it before; and the does seemed very disappointed, carrying...
  16. SableSteel

    Rabbit Pictures!

    Cute rabbit. Doesn't look like a checkered giant though. Checkered giants are big, lean and mean - about two feet tall sitting naturally if I had to estimate (I'm not brave enough to try to measure them lol). They're also extremely rare and hard to keep as they need A LOT of extra space and...
  17. SableSteel

    What temperature home do bunnies like best?

    I've heard that 55 is the ideal temperature for (adult) rabbits. They are cold-weather animals; I wouldn't worry about it getting too cold for them. Making sure you don't heat it up too quickly when the heat turns on in the morning would be more of a concern for me, imo.
  18. SableSteel

    Can any one tell me jeffs breed? Plz

    Looks like a mixed breed. If I had to guess I would say maybe a mini lop lop (what we call holland lop in the US) - as I see that face shape & thick ears a lot in mixes of that breed, but there is absolutely no way to know for certain beyond a wild guess. It is not a silver marten - they don't...
  19. SableSteel

    Help! Aggressive female needs to be picked up

    Nothing wrong... just sounds like an territorial female rabbit. Honestly, at this point I don't think you're going to make her enjoy being picked up before the vet visit, so instead you might want to make each handling session as short and unobtrusive for her as possible. If she is back into a...
  20. SableSteel

    How would the babies look like?

    The color of the white one is Himalayan, the color of the dark one is Silver Marten. It's not really advised to breed these two colors together; you'll probably get mostly Silver Marten colors like the buck but they will carry himalayan marten which is an unshowable color.
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