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  1. Lauren Kiernan

    Sleep well my bossy queen

    Sorry for your loss.
  2. Lauren Kiernan

    Mini lop Breeders in Connecticut

    We got out Holland lop from Huntington Hoppers in Shelton CT. They have a facebook site and website. They also breed Netherlands. Our rabbit is a Holland lop false dwarf about 5pd. Very healthy.
  3. Lauren Kiernan

    I don't know how to save my rabbit

    I would go back to the vet
  4. Lauren Kiernan

    Help please

    So cute!
  5. Lauren Kiernan

    New bunny with soft poop

    We had similar situation with our Holland lop when he was a baby. It was his cecos. Sometimes he just didn't eat them and they smushed as he was too busy exploring. It decreased as he got older. He had baby rabbit ox bow pellets about 1/4 cup per day and Timothy hay as the baby Oxbow has...
  6. Lauren Kiernan

    Help! Rex/holland lop mix :)

    Best of both worlds; straight and lopped. What a cutie.
  7. Lauren Kiernan

    Hay and Treats

    I buy hay on Amazon from Small Pet Select. A 12pd box of 2nd cut Timothy hay costs about $29 and lasts my 5pd Holland lop around 2.5 months. I get treats through Binxbox bunny when not using tiny pieces of fresh fruit or some oats
  8. Lauren Kiernan

    My Doe died today

    So sorry to hear this. You made an amazing effort to help them survive.
  9. Lauren Kiernan

    My Doe died today

    They are so cute. I hope they continue to thrive.
  10. Lauren Kiernan

    Sudden urge to dig

    My rabbit likes digging. We made him a box which he loves. I sometimes sprinkle pellets in it for him to forage for. Al also put a flat piece of cardboard in any corners he likes to dig in.
  11. Lauren Kiernan

    Rabbit heart attacks?

    So sorry about your bunny.
  12. Lauren Kiernan

    Thumping and a honking noise?

    How old is she? And is she fixed. This is behavior I have seen when our male Holland lop was a "teenager". He would do that while circling my husband's feet. This is mating behavior. My husband was not flattered that the bunny was in love with him
  13. Lauren Kiernan

    Can I bond a neutered male with an un-spayed female?

    Can you call a nearby rabbit shelter? They may be able to help find a vet.
  14. Lauren Kiernan

    Lunging Rabbit

    Mine is 1.5ys and neutered but is still sometimes offended at me cleaning his area. Other times, it is like he is supervising me and evaluating if I did a good job. He has absolutely no fear of the regular vaccum or the hand held pet vac.
  15. Lauren Kiernan

    Wire cage dangerous for rabbit?

    Amazon sells these grids you can put on the floor of the cage. I have some on our rabbit's secondary cag . Niteangel 2 Pieces Rabbit Playpen Feet Mats for Cage, Comes with 4 Fixed Tabs (Blue) Also sea grass mats are...
  16. Lauren Kiernan

    Respiratory infection- HELP

    So sorry about Penny. She sounds like a very special bun. You will always those sweet memories.
  17. Lauren Kiernan

    Dortmund - Self free-ranging

    Charlie has has red/ red orange urine after strawberry. Most6now we only give home the tops
  18. Lauren Kiernan

    How much does a vet visit & spay/neuter cost for a Rabbit?

    Not prep. Pre -operative health check. Vet needs to see the rabbit to make sure they are healthy
  19. Lauren Kiernan

    All my fault...

    Consider a fun maze like this. Our lop loves to get into our room and hide under all the furniture. He must think they are caves and he makes it game when we try to get him out by going from one piece to another . So the maze...
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