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  1. Orrin

    Ever feel bad for your rabbit?

    I feel bad for our little doe, Blue, whenever she has tummy upsets. When she's well, I'm happy. When it comes right down to it, I read each of our seven bunnies' behavior every day. If any of them seems out of sorts, I feel bad, really bad. When they get back to their old routine I'm happy...
  2. Orrin

    Outdoor pictures

    The best I can say is "mixed breed." When we started looking for rescue rabbits my main criteria was that they be "cottontail color." These two fit the bill. I love 'em dearly.
  3. Orrin

    Outdoor pictures

    We rotate our buns' opportunities to get outdoors every morning and evening. They love it. This is one of our bonded pairs, Peter and Flopsy.
  4. Orrin

    Best pet carrier for a flemish giant?

    Think big. There are some rabbit shows that I've stopped attending because I've seen too many instances of bunnies crammed into cages and carriers that are far too small; it amounts to abuse, pure and simple.
  5. Orrin

    How to get my rabbit to lose weight??

    We have two neutered does that tend to get a bit overweight. I completely stopped feeding pellets to one of them and have severely cut back on the other. I made no other changes to their feed which consists of unlimited hay, willow leaves (in season) willow twigs, and greens, such as parsley...
  6. Orrin


    Our vet diagnosed our Flemish Giant as having conjunctivitis and she prescribed Terramycin ointment, twice a day in the eye for a week. I hated to do things like that to my big beautiful boy; but, like the gentle giant that he is, he took it stoically. It made me love him even more. The...
  7. Orrin

    Share picture of your bunnies as young and grown up

    The first shot shows Blue getting special attention. She was the runt in a litter of nine and when the babes emerged from their nest and started roaming, she would wobble along, barely able to keep from toppling over. We fed her kitten milk replacer laced with cream. Now, she's a big girl...
  8. Orrin

    Share your bunnies!

    I hope my vet doesn't mind my borrowing the picture taken at her office. So far, this is the best shot we've gotten of our pedigreed Flemmie, Robbie, 10½-months old, 15-pounds.
  9. Orrin

    Bunny won't eat hay

    Ad mixed breed neutered doe of ours has been putting on too much weight and has gut issues as well. She eats just about everything, hay included; however, I stopped giving her pellets, cold turkey. She is now eating much more hay than before and she's starting to slim down. All of our buns...
  10. Orrin

    Instinctive behavior, or not?

    Very good! Of course. That's the most plausible explanation, so far. Thank you. For sure, they've shown zero sign of acceptance; there is obvious antagonism on both sides between them through that gate.
  11. Orrin

    Instinctive behavior, or not?

    The two mixed-breed rabbits that share our living quarters have had good litter habits. The spayed doe has been perfect about doing both #1 and #2 on paper in an always-open dog crate. The neutered buck has been good, too, except the times he sprays when he gets excited. Enter one pedigreed...
  12. Orrin

    Bunny sounds

    We have a neutered buck that honks (grunts) while chasing his sister. It's a dead give-away that he's being naughty. We have an intact Flemish Giant buck that we got last week. He makes a contented squeaking sound while eating hay. None of our other buns have ever done that. I'm told...
  13. Orrin

    Is it possible to keep/domesticate a wild cottontail rabbit?

    We rescued a near-death cottontail that had been injured by a cat. We nursed it back to health and when it was mature we released it back to the wild. Angelo (Bun-Bun for short) knew its name and would come to me for treats when I called him. I loved him to death; and, because I loved him I...
  14. Orrin

    Inside or out

    The average person on the street will associate rabbits with outdoor hutches. That has been the prevailing notion all along; it was what I understood until I learned otherwise. Thankfully, humane and considerate people have given it some thought and decided that is all wrong. Rabbits evolved...
  15. Orrin

    One bunny is humping the other, need help

    We have a neutered buck and spayed female from the same litter. He was neutered over a year ago and at times he still chases and still tries to hump his sister; the hormones should have been long gone. Much of the time he behaves and the two snuggle together; but, whenever he starts acting up...
  16. Orrin

    Does neutering stop destructive behavior?

    Neutering seems to have calmed our rabbits to where they're not chewing on everything in sight; however, chewing is instinctive and if you want to distract rabbits from your favorite things you should give them chew toys. We make sure ours have plenty of pine blocks and willow branches. (A...
  17. Orrin

    Hello there

    You have gotten tons of great advice. I realize you are asking about rabbit selection; but, please forgive me for butting in and adding something about responsibility. Whenever people ask me about our rabbits I'm afraid they might be interested in getting one, too; so, I make very clear to...
  18. Orrin

    Confused, as i saw a rabbit food pyramid and now i think i'm feeding my rabbit the wrong foods!

    If you can find them in your area, go to farm supply stores that cater to people with horses. Sometimes they'll have grass hay. We cut our own orchard grass, too, until last winter arrived. We found a place that supplies hobby farms. They filled the gap until the next haying season and we...
  19. Orrin

    Confused, as i saw a rabbit food pyramid and now i think i'm feeding my rabbit the wrong foods!

    We have six buns that are not picky eaters; however, we have bought some hay that they refuse to touch. Right now, we're feeding them baled timothy purchased right out of the field, locally. It doesn't look as pretty as the bagged brand-name stuff; but, the gobble it down with gusto. They...
  20. Orrin

    Confused, as i saw a rabbit food pyramid and now i think i'm feeding my rabbit the wrong foods!

    We are lucky where we live here in the USA because our employee-owned warehouse-style grocery carries kale and two different kinds of parsley--our buns like the Italian variety the best--along with a host of other veggies; however, I feed only the ones mentioned. We also have willow trees...
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