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    My Sapphire has passed.

    I am so sorry for your loss, she looked a bundle of joy.
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    My Dear little Eyore.

    Thank you, its always so hard (even when its expected like with old age in his case) you always think it will never happen to you which is silly but yeah. I have been looking through the Rainbow Bridge section and seen a lot of your buns are now over the bridge, so sorry :hug2:
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    My Dear little Eyore.

    I have not been on this forum for a while (make that years) and have to sadly come back now and say my Eyore was taken in his sleep a few weeks ago. I was abroad at University and my brother was looking after him for me, and called to say it looked like he was sleeping and went peacefully...
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    Tell About Your Wild Bunnies!

    We have several wild rabbits in the abandoned industrial estate, lots of open over growth ground for them to run about in. Problem was many people kept spraining ankles if they stepped on the borrow and their foot fell through. Last year I was climbing a local mountain, Slemish, (Its more a...
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    Magnificent Mini Lops

    Eyore, after being washed with special shampoo to get rid of mites and just in the hutch too.
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    Do You Have Any Real Phobias?

    Lifts (elevators), I have panic attacks if inside them, however I am not clasutophobic (been in caves and small places and had no problem with it). I think when I was 4 I seen a horror show and it had a lift fall down the shaft and kill the person inside, that would have many impacted me into...
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    Last one standing

    Me and Eyore
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    Last one standing

    I have avoided (avoided is not the right word, maybe forgotten) about this section of the internet. Some might remember me, I was a bastard at times, and have grown up considerably since. J.F passed away on the 10-19-2008 Caramels three babies passed on the 02-06-2009 Caramel passed away on...
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    Rabbit beds

    Thanks for advice. He has a large bed compartment in the hutch outside but I like the idea of getting a smaller wooden box and placing it inside. I just hate the idea he would feel so lonely and cold. The pet carrier case converted might actually work. During bad storms or snow I bring him...
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    Lop Laughter

    Eyore :)
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    Rabbit beds

    As winter will be coming in the next few months my mum started thinking of Eyore. His sister died a few weeks ago and now during winter he has no one to keep warm and sleep beside in the hutch outside. I would provide alot of hay of course during winter but my mum likes the idea of a small bed...
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    Caramel passed away last night.

    Decided to make a few scuptures to remember her by. She is free, its better where ever she is, she with her babies which deceased and her other brother. Eyore has stopped searching for her. He seems to know.
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    Caramel passed away last night.

    Thanks guys. I buried her under the rasberry bush last night, she loved soaking up the sun from there so it was only right that she can lay there again. It is too late as she is buried but I do not think I would have gotten a nerospy for her. I have eyore on my bed with me now. I personally...
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    Caramel passed away last night.

    I know I have not been posting on here for awhile but I still read the threads. Anyway, yesterday morning I went out to caramel and eyore. I cuddled them and checked their eyes, ears and bottom as normal. Gave them food and water and could not let them out into garden, raining heavy. So they...
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    Happy to be back

    Thanks you two. How have you both been? I hope you have not lost any bunnies from when I last was on.
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    Happy to be back

    1st I would want to say something to every one I was a D**k too. I have grown up and I am really sorry. 2nd of all, caramel and eyore are healthy, but maybe more spoilt. :) recently I have had a bad time, so I could not get on here, a few opperations (so more cool scars) an introduction to my...
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    Can girls be just friends with guys?

    Nearly all my friends are guys, and for 9 out of 11, I am not sexually or romanticlly attraked to them. I do get bad looks from their girl friends, but we would both know that there is nothing. Im sorry to hear others dont belive you
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    Irish Guinea Pig owners

    Ill let someone I know with gpigs know about your website. :)
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    Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!! Job interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck, hope it works out for you in the end. :)
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    Love, Silly Rabbit

    I am sorry for your loss. *hugs*
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