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  1. dragynflye

    Naaaaaaaame Thaaaaaaat Breeeeeeed!

    My French angora Doe weighed more than 5 lbs at 14 weeks. The buck definitely looks mixed- he's not nearly as fluffy as he should be!
  2. dragynflye

    Introducing buns to other animals?

    Al of my animals get along great. I'm never out of sight when they're together, just because of how the area is set up. I can trust the cat and my pit mix completely with the buns. I have to watch my husky/great pyrenees mix just because he's a giant clumsy mutt. If he's in the room with the...
  3. dragynflye

    Need help choosing!

    I think the top one wants to move to Alaska and be a snow bunny!
  4. dragynflye

    New rabbit, cost of spay/neuter?

    I can have a rabbit neutered by a rabbit - savvy vet who volunteers at my local SPCA for $75. They don't offer spays, though. A spay by the same vet at his office is $600.
  5. dragynflye

    what's in your bunny's daily bun salad?

    I grow 4 different types of lettuce, cilantro, parsley, spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, catnip, lemon balm, basil, sage, hyssop, marjoram, and collard greens. I just go out every morning and pick some of whatever looks good! I also put down a pot of Wheatgrass every once in a whilef or...
  6. dragynflye

    Neutralizing Dog Scent in Used Dog Crate

    I've used several old dog kennels as rabbit cages (both for my own buns and for temporary guests) in the past. I've never done more than a normal clean with vinegar. I've never had a rabbit bothered by it before. Considering that I have dog, my whole house probably reeks (to a bun's nose, at...
  7. dragynflye

    Not being able to neuter

    The reason your local SPCA is able to do such low cost spays and neuters is because they are charities run by volunteers, with vets (often the same vets you would pay $600 at their offices) volunteering their services and time. All of my animals (including my rabbits) have been altered through...
  8. dragynflye

    I'm really scared my rabbit might have rabies! :(

    The reason people (including vets) say rabbits can't get rabies is because it's almost impossible they would survive an attack by an infected animal.
  9. dragynflye

    frozen fruit and berrys?

    When we lived in Oklahoma, where it was ridiculously hot and humid, I'd give Rue and Nut Puppet bits of frozen fruits and veggies to keep them cool and they loved it. I've offered Pond and Fox bits of frozen banana and strawberries, but they're not interested.
  10. dragynflye

    Runt or Peanut

    Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous!!! I glad the runt is doing well. I demand you keep him so we can watch him grow!
  11. dragynflye

    feeding them pumpkin???

    I would think that would just be personal preference. All pureeing does is turn it to mush.
  12. dragynflye

    Colouring help

    She's gorgeous, is what she is!
  13. dragynflye

    feeding them pumpkin???

    All canned pumpkin is is boiled and pureed pumpkin.
  14. dragynflye


    Fox doesn't care about toys much, but Pond is super playful! He loves his grass ball (about the size of a tennis ball). He pushes it around, tosses it, and will chase it if I role it. He loves to dig at rag rugs, grass mats, and boxes of shredded newspaper. He likes jingley cat balls. We...
  15. dragynflye


    Mmmm bacon - wrapped cheese porkchop.....
  16. dragynflye

    bun safe insecticide?

    Is there anything I can put on my bunny garden to keep th bugs off that is safe for the buns?
  17. dragynflye

    How much does it cost to neuter a rabbit?

    My boy is being neutered by a rabbit savvy vet who volunteers with the spca. His neuter will cost $75. A neuter with the same vet at her office is $350. The spca doesn't offer rabbit spays- those are $575 at her office.
  18. dragynflye

    New Baby E-Lop Need to Knows

    Oh my gosh, he's adorable! I love elops giant ears! I can't wait to see more pics of your boy.
  19. dragynflye

    Cat licking my rabbit... Should i be concerned?

    Rabbits and cats often bond well. Even my psycho kitty with a high chase drive views Melody as her new buddy. They snuggle and groom each other. My flemish mix adored both cats and loved getting kitty baths. As long as the cat is not causing actual damage to the bun's ear, I wouldn't worry...
  20. dragynflye

    How many rabbits do you have?

    I only have one- a female Holland lop named Melody Elizabeth. She's only been with us for four days, and she's a little sassy pants!
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