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    I just joined up a couple of weeks ago :)
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    Guys, I've become a geocaching addict. It all started when a friend of mine introduced me to caching last year, so when my little brother got a GPS for Christmas (I still think that was a stocking mix-up!), I started hunting down a few caches with the family. Now, I think I've got the...
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    The Banana Squadron: Greta and Company 2008

    Aaaand, we're back! With a somewhat cooperative computer, a new camera, and a new foster furkid, the Banana Squadron is ready for takeoff!! Let us first welcome our newest resident, Princess Daisy! Her Highness comes to us from the Rabbit Haven, taking over the former domicile of Willow, who...
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    Any other HAMs out there?

    Just curious. The FCC just granted my Technician license, so I'm hoping to be on the air very soon. For those of you who are unfamiliar with HAM Radio: Greta, KI6NTL
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    PIN: In Memory of Our Angels...

    ...That crossed Rainbow Bridge in 2007... In Memory of Our Human Angel, Vanessa (Nessa1487)... You will never be forgotten :bunnyangel: :bunnyangel: :bunnyangel: ani-lover's Domino ashesbunny's Ashes melanie's Jack Jacqui_UK's Buster Yourillusion's Snuggs f_j's Lola...
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    New Years 2008

    I'm going to a party, then after that, who knows. What are you guys' plans for New Years? Sleep? Party 'till you drop? Babysit? Watch Movies? :toastingbuns :party: :toast:
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    New camera! whee!

    So, I finally went and got myself a new camera! It's a Canon 20D, with the basic 18-55mm lens, and a good fast reaction time (night and day compared to the 1-sec. delay of my parents' old point-n-shoot!!) ... binky-ers beware! :biggrin2: The only majorgripe I have about the lens is...
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    Oh, Rosieee...?

    For the life of me, I can't remember how to make hotlinks! I've tried regular ol' HTML and UBB code. No luck. Same thing is happening when I try to do my blog. Ack! I think I'm losing it!... nevermind, I lost it years ago :P Anyway, can you refresh me on how to do that?
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    Hall of Binkies 2007-08

    After a rather long sabbatical from blogging, and, apparently, the disappearance of our last blog thread, WE'RE BACK, WITH NEW PHOTOS! Sir Butterscotch in his latest modelling job, The Hat Fundraiser! Willow says "Hey y'all!" Evie: "kindly step away from MY phonebook, get away...
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    Butterscotch has eczema, or something that looks like it...

    So, he picked up a couple of fleas awhile back, and I thought his patcheys of flakey, irritated skin was flea allergy dermatitis. Two weeks after Advantage, it's still there. Now I'm not sure what the cause could be. He hasn't had any new foods or anything lately that he could be allergic to. He...
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    Nascargot about snail races?! very funny, no matter if you like cars or not :biggrin2:
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    So, we just got treated to a generous helping of earthquake a-la-carte! I was sitting out on my back deck eating ice cream, and I thought my brother jumped off the stairs and shook the house (it shakes rather easily, so this happens on a regular basis). WRONG! Anyway, nothing got damaged, and...
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    The Word Morph Game

    Change one letter (or add/subtract a letter!) of the word in the last post to change it into another word. For example: Boat --> Moat, Coat, Oat, etc. Let's see if this works! :) Treat
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    The Mom Song

    Any mom will get a kick out of this. Funny if you aren't a mom, too! :)
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    Advantage dosage for bunnies?

    So, Butterscotch has managed to pick up a good number of fleas. I have a pack of Advantage (Orange), but I don't have a clue what the dosage is for bunnies. Does anyone know the dosage ratio, or know of a dosage chart or something like that? Many thanks, Greta :) and the gang :brownbunny...
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    40 Puppies Need Forever Homes

    I was forwarded this from a friend yesterday. It just breaks my heart. :( ******************** An animal testing facility in Mountain View , Calif. is closing its doors, putting the lives of 40 beagle puppies in danger. The puppies, which have never undergone any testing, are 16 months old...
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    Notice About Post Counts

    As most of you have probably noticed, some members' post counts have dropped in the past few days. This is not a forum glitch, but is due to especially large threads, such as Word Association and Person Behind Me, being deleted and restarted. This is done periodically to prevent these types of...
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    The Person Behind Me Game

    ani-lover wrote: "tpbm wishes to be able to get another bunny"
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    Evelena!! The newest member of the Gang of Fur, Evelena traded places with Goose, who is now living with another foster family (they wanted somebunny more socialised). She is a beautiful black mini rex, and enjoys pastimes such as shredding phone books, throwing her toys around in the middle...
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