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    I took my bunnies to the park today. There waspoison ivy near where we were...I tried my best to keep them away fromit but you know how bunnies on leashes are...they don't move unlessthey're good and ready too! I made sure they didn't eat it, but havebeen told many times that animals don't get...
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    Bunny Survey!!

    I havn't posted a topic in a while. I thought this might be kind of fun. How many bunnies do you have? What are their names? Middle names? How old are they? How do you get them? (pet store, rescue, etc..) What are their favorite foods? Do your buns binky? ;) Do you treat them as if you...
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    Head tilt??

    He's tilted his head a few times lately, justbreifly, then he goes back to normal. Should I be concerned? I've neverseen him do anything like that before! A few times while sitting in hiscage he looks over at me with his head slightly tilted. ?? He's been to the vet alot lately, because of his...
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    Is This A Good Playpen?? The bunnies of course have free range of the house but as a cagealternative (for when I'm gone) what do you guys think about this? Afew weeks ago I took down...
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    Surgery Tomorrow

    His abscess is gone though!! I've explained thisto vet over the phone but he thinks I'm crazy and says it's impossible.It really is gone though, at least 95% of the way. The antibioticsworked like a charm! There's a little bump where the abscess used to beon Calvin's cheek, about the size a pea...
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    Post Anesthesia?

    Has anybody ever experienced bunnies having a bad reaction to anesthesia? He got x-rays yesterday under anesthesia. I posted the good news the vet gave me under "Calvin Update" on the forum... But anyway, he's been acting depressed/sick since last night. After the x rays, the vet also drained...
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    Calvin Update!

    Calvin broke a tooth! That's of course not a goodthing but whew, at least he doesn't have a diseased mouth or anything.So yeah, in way or another (your guess's as good as mine) he broke partof a tooth off. From there he got an infection, which inevitably causedthe abscess. I'M SO HAPPY!! He's...
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    Easier Way To Give My Rabbit Medicine?

    I hate stressing him out all the time!! I knowthat high levels of stress can cause health problems as well. Healready has a jaw abscess and is going for x rays and who knows howmany surgeries, so I'd like to keep his home life as stress free aspossible but he needs his meds! I give one twice...
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    How Do I Add A Picture?

    There's nothing in the help section on how to addpictures, can anybody let me in on the secret? I'm trying to add apicture next tomysn that gets posted everytime Ipost a message. I want everybody to be able to see how adoreable mybunnies are... O;) Thanks!
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    My Bunny Has A Jaw Abscess! Help?

    One of my rabbits, Calvin, developed an abscessin the jaw over the weekend. I took him into the vet Tuesday and wastold that he has dental disease. The vet also told me that if thedisease has spread to bone there's nothing that can be done. I've been reading info onit non stop since then and...
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