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    O/T A Bit of Fun

    Gadget Cootiekisser lol I'm a cootie kisser...
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    Does she like this or ...

    Calvin has a "spot" I've never seen himroll toone side if I pet him in a certain area, BUT, if I scratch him on hiship he'll start giving me kisses! hehe It's adoreable!!
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    how can i make a lil condo

    I made a NIC cube playpen for my bunnies, theylove it! And it's so easy to put together, and cheap too! As for acondo...I would say leave the cage alone and get a big cardborad box,like a computer box, and build a condo from that. All you do is cut afew windows and a door out, then make 2 big...
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    Adoption Holland Lop NJ

    How far are you from Philly?? I have 2 malesalready, I doubt Calvin and Jordan would accept a 3rd one. But Ivolunteer at an org called the Rabbit Habit that could maybe take himand find him a good home. You can e mail me if youwant me to look into having them take him...
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    Comfort Safety Harness w/ Stretchy Stroller

    I recently ordered those harnesses online too.I've only taken them out once in them so far. Calvin doesn't reallymind it and is pretty good with it on but Jordan's a master escapeartist and completely wiggled himself out of it! Thank goodness I sawwhen he first started to fidget so I was able to...
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    Awe, so so cute!!! Rachet looks like Calvin!Only Calvin's got black mixed in with white in that poofypart of hair at the back of his head.
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    Alot of rabbits don't like to be picked up. Don't worry, it's not you, that's just how bunnies are. ;) That is ridiculous that they said they can't eat veggies with water on them! I don't see how they figure that. As far as the water goes, try hanging a water bottle in her cage. WhenI was new...
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    marshmallows rabbit rescue

    Skittles is beautiful!!! :D
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    Give me girl rabbit names help !

    Ginger?? Or um, Gigi?
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    My bunnies LOVE bananas! Starlight Rabbitry -you don't peel the bananas?? Mine have gone for the peel before but Ialways tell them no they can't eat that part, it's the inside thatthey're supposed to eat, are you sure that banana peels are safe forthem?
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    My bunnies

    By the way, WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! ;)
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    My bunnies

    Wow, Snuggle and Oliver do look alike!!! What happened to the8 babies?
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    Lamb's lettuce

    Lambs lettuce?? I've never hear of it before.I've heard of a plant called lambs ear, but never lambs lettuce. If youhappen to be talking about lambs ear no, probably not a good idea tofeed it to bunnies. Romaine lettuce, escarole, and spinach are thegreens that I feed my bunnies.
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    Calvin can get jealous, not of anythingparticular, just that I'm doing something other than petting him. lolIf he's feeling neglected he'll come up and put his head underneath myhand to let me know it's time for a petting. O:)
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    Bunny Belly Rubs

    Awe...arn't bunnies mouths the CUTEST thing you've ever seen?!? Mine open their mouths like that when they're really relaxed.
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    Wow, what a sad story... :(I readthrough all 4 pages of this post, it was sounding hopeful towards theend but sounds like it didn't have a happy ending. I'm so so sorry! Ifone of my bunnies got lost I'd lose my mind, literally.
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    While my boyfriend was living with me recentlyfor a brief time they had to be in their playpen at night, he didn'twant to roll over on them in their sleep. For that month and a halfperiod time they had about 6 or so hours out of the cage. Now that thebuns and I are the only ones living here they...
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    Wild or Domestic

    I saw a hare for sell in a pet store one time.It was the weirdest thing! It was 3 or 4 times bigger the otherbunnies, a really long sleek body, and mean too!! How did a hare end upin a pet store??? There are other wild bunnies Gypsy, like cotton tail etc... ;)
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    Oh man, I know how that goes! I've searched hours before for my buns.
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    Have any of you ever had your hand thumped on?? I was snuggling with Jordan one day he thumped right on my hand! It's hurts!
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